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Cupcake-gate: We Smelled Something Funny About Dimples Cupcakes

By Nancy Nichols |
photo by Chris Korbey.

We eat a lot of cupcakes around the office. In fact, our office is divided when it comes to Sprinkles lovers, Tart fans, and Dimples devotes. However, we started getting messages from unhappy Dimples workers and assigned freelancer Pam Kripke to check it out. Here is her story.

The cupcake is a remarkable thing. It is, in the ways that matter most, a flawless invention, a treat for both body and mind. Elegant in its simplicity, yet playful, a sentimental nod to birthdays past. And cute—so delightfully, deliciously cute.

Around town, the cupcake has had a renaissance, lining up in bakery cases like pearls on a strand. People buy them with abandon, gleeful, embracing the frosting on their noses and little change back from a 10. It is okay. It is a cupcake. It is the way it should be.
Until, it isn’t.

Early last year, two men in Dallas decided that they, too, would join the parade of bakers who now specialize in cupcakes. They had a plan to open one, and then a string of shops, fast, calling them Dimples, like the thing your face does when it grins. The problem, though, for Chad Sorrells and his business and life partner, Bryan Owens—who are, by the way, not bakers—is that few people are smiling. In fact, a lot of people would like to see them iced. In court, no sprinkles on top.

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