Controversial Restaurateur Michael Costa is Back in the Restaurant Business

An alert Disher sent me a link to a job posting on Craigslist. There is a new sports bar concept going up near Frankfort and the Tollway. Shocker, they are looking for “model type female servers and bar staff.”

What’s the big deal? One of the contact names for the restaurant is Michael Costa. Yes, the same Michael Costa involved in last year’s Las Colinas Prime saga that included TABC raids, gun shots, alleged theft, unpaid workers and contractors, and arrest warrants. Grab your Snuggie and read all about it here:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

I called Mr. Costa and asked him if he was back in the restaurant business. He said, “Yes, in fact I’ve got several things going on.” And then he told me he was walking into a meeting and referred me to a publicist. I am waiting. I’m sure many others are waiting as well. Keep your eyes peeled.


  • B

    It is amazing how many suckers there are in Dallas.
    The owners of the sports bar have to be as corrupt as he is or morones.
    You will be writing about this deal going south very soon.

  • Droopydave

    Perhaps the old Tre Amici location?

  • Adamundo

    @ Droopydave : Nail on the head

  • Shelbyg75

    Surprised the Dimples Cupcake story from D Magazine hasn’t made it up on here…

  • Katie

    @shelbyg75 – the dimples story is on ShopTalk.

  • bdallas

    Good grief! Run, run away as fast as you can. Michael is a con man and no one will be paid. I speak from personal experience!

  • CJ

    Hmmm… The wording for that craigslist add is identical to another help wanted add posted for a new “breastaurant” opening on Lemmon Ave. called the “Honey Shack.”

  • dster

    Cant believe he is not in jail….permantly. He is a charasmatic con man who thinks he is a mobster. Whoever hired him….shame on them.