• CB

    Best of luck, Matt!! I’ll miss seeing you in the kitchen.

  • Kat

    Yum…the French Laundry.

  • a huge loss for dallas. we had the pleasure of being taken to Fuego where Chef Matt wowed us…not only is the food top notch, but he has whatever “it” is…the passion, the people skills, the love for food coming out in every dish.

    he’ll do great things where ever he goes, hopefully he comes back to town.

  • Marlon

    Does that mean Fuego is kaput?

  • ray

    Chef vijay left samar, now chef matt is leaving from the stephan pyles wow! So what is next?????

  • pyles fan

    While this is sad news for Stephan Pyles (the restaurant), I am convinced not much will change in the long run. I’ve been a fan of Chef Pyles for 20 years now and he has had dozens of bright young chefs come and go (most seem to have their own restaurants now). No matter who is at the helm, it will always have the “Pyles stamp of approval”. I am certain Fuego will continue and prosper just as Samar has after Chef Vijay left (he was only there a brief time as I recall). The food at Samar is superb today.

  • Me You

    Mean Girls

  • FrenchLaundryLover

    Did you say THE FRENCH LAUNDRY! I know a chef that tried to get in several times and never happened. Huge Congratulations to Chef Matt McAllister. I guess Matt will be the “it” chef of Dallas now. How long will he be at The French Laundry? I have tried to make reservations. Maybe I have an in now since we are from Dallas. FLL.

  • allison

    I think it’s McCallister, not McAllister.

  • HR

    It’s McAllister, not McCallister. The Stephan Pyles web site misspells Matt’s name.

  • HR, it is actually McCallister.

    So true that SP will continue to be excellent as it is a SP restaurant after all, but no doubt Matt’s personal mark there will be missed.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him as well as for Dallas when he’s ready!

  • Spelling changed, thanks.

  • Too late?

    Crap, I have upcoming reservations at Fuego, guess I should call to confirm…

  • Matt will be at SP for 30 days, as will the Fuego tasting. As of now Fuego will continue to exist under whoever the new exec might be. Stephan has already interviewed at least one person from out of the area.

    McCallister will stage at McCrady’s (Charleston, So. Carolina) and French Laundry and one possible new addition to that list. He also stated that while in Dallas he would continue to help as needed at Pyles and stage around town keeping fresh.