What I’m Drinking Now: Trick or Treat

The Green Beast

This weekend is all about the treats, no tricks, and there are some great cocktail combos out that should be tried.  Below are some unusual selections that I have been introduced to recently, that are also pretty tasty.  Also great for watching a Texas Rangers win! 

The Green Beast
Developed by Pernod Absinthe’s  in-house mixologist Charles Vexenent.
The Green Beast
1 Part Pernod Absinthe
2 Parts Rose’s Lime Juice
4 Parts Water
Cucumber Slices

Domaine de Canton is ginger infused liqueur made with fresh, Vietnamese ginger blended with VSOP and XO Grande Champagne Cognacs, Provençal honey, Tunisian Ginseng, and fresh vanilla beans.  Luxurious and silky, try blended with Champagne as well. 
The Autumn Spice
2oz. Domaine de Canton
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
2 oz. apple cider
Serve over ice with a cinnamon stick

Avion Raspberry Mint

Tequila Avion, yes the tequila that got almost as much airtime as Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly on this season of HBO’s Entorage is a real tequila, though not on the investment block for Mark Cuban.  Made from blue agave roasted slowly in traditional brick ovens, and slowly filtered and distilled creating a smooth tequila flavorful enough for sipping on its own or in cocktails.  Avion silver is filled with fresh herbal flavors of rosemary and mint with citrus notes.
Raspberry Mint
2 oz. Tequila Avion
½ oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
¼ oz. Simple Syrup
Muddle 4 Fresh or Frozen Raspberries and 4 large Mint Leaves, add ice and all ingredients and shake and Strain over fresh or crushed ice, serve in a rocks glass with a mint leaf garnish.

Or, since you already have the bottle of Domain de Canton, try this combo:
Ginger Jet
1.5 oz. Anejo Tequila Avion
1 oz. Domaine de Canton
2 oz. Fresh Sour Mix
Muddle one piece of fresh ginger, add ice and all ingredients shake and strain over fresh ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

Beefeater 24 was recently introduced in Dallas, as reported a few weeks ago with a decadent tea party.  This update on a classic goes through a 24 hour steeping process to create the tea and citrus filled spirit.  Matt Robert’s from London’s Lost Society created the following recipe combing two of my favorite things, champagne and gin.
1 oz Beefeater 24 (steeped in earl grey tea)
1/3 oz lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 dashes peach bitters
Shake all ingredients together over ice and strain into a champagne flute, top with chilled champagne. 

Now that there is finally a chill in the air, enjoy a warm cocktail Sunday night that is made with a healthy ingredient, almond milk.
Almond Hot Toddy
2 cups Almond Breeze(r) Vanilla
2 ounces spiced rum
1 ounce brandy
1/3 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/3 teaspoon nutmeg, plus more for garnish Light whipped cream to
garnish Slivered almonds to garnish
Over low heat, combine Almond Breeze(r) Vanilla, rum, brandy, almond
extract, cinnamon and nutmeg in a medium saucepan, stirring constantly
with a whisk until very warm.  Pour into large mugs, leaving an inch of
room to the top. Top with whipped cream, almonds and a sprinkle of

Steinlager Pure

Or, just reach for a beer.  New Zealand brewer Steinlager recently introduced Steinlager Pure to the international market.  With the goal to capture the beauty and purity of New Zealand the beer is created using a completely sustainable process that is preservative and additive free.  Completely refreshing and filled with floral and orange peel aromas and a clean flavor that won’t weigh you down through the game.   

For a brew a bit more seasonal we had an oldie, but goodie the other night, Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale, one of the oldest brewing styles in Northern England from Yorkshire’s oldest brewer. Deep caramel colored with flavors of hazelnut and chocolate.  A great beer to warm you on fall nights.