Tea Party With a Twist

We sent intern Meredith Stein to take part in a tea party sponsored by Beefeater 24. Her report is below.

I was on cocktail number two when one of the many servers roaming about Bar Celine crouched next to the table we had surrounded and began pouring us all small glasses of straight gin for a quick tasting. “Oh, don’t pour me one,” insisted Katherine, my partner-in-crime for the evening (and D’s chic shopping intern, I might add). “Don’t pour you one?” Dan Warner shot back from across the table (charming English accent and all). “That’s what we’re here for, come on!”

Yes, gin was precisely the reason we had all gathered together on a Monday night. Warner, the international brand ambassador for Beefeater London, and Desmond Payne, Gin Master Distiller, were throwing an alcoholic tea party of sorts—all in celebration of Beefeater 24. The tasty gin, handcrafted of 12 botanicals (including an exquisite blend of Chinese Green and rare Japanese Sencha teas), was simply making its Dallas debut. Dallas is only the 10th market to carry the new gin, joining the ranks of New York, L.A., San Francisco, etc. Yes, Dallasites, we’re moving up in the world.

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As Katherine and I sipped our tasty concoctions (and feasted on the cupcakes and hors d’oeuvres), Warner told us about this rare gem of an alcohol. Distilled in London, Beefeater 24’s name comes from the unique 24-hour steeping process, as well as the city’s “24-hour lifestyle.” Grapefruit is probably the most prominent note, upon first whiff. But accents of orris root and Seville orange peel are quick to follow, post-sip. Even more impressive, however, is the man behind the mix. Desmond Payne, who has been distilling gin for 43 years now, claims the official title as the world’s most experienced Gin Master Distiller—so you know this stuff has gotta be good! And I have to throw in that his inspiration for the gin was derived while in Japan, which automatically wins points from me, a girl who only wishes she could call Tokyo her stomping grounds.

The event was a hoot. The bartenders and servers all wore Mad Hatter top hats, in keeping with the tea party theme. Offered were four signature cocktails featuring Beefeater 24. I insist you try the St. Henderson’s 24—a Bar Celine original, created by Scott Melton. Even after a monotonous Monday work day, Katherine and I left feeling on top of the world.

Bartender Chris Burns


  • katherine

    I liked the slipping sands…isn’t that what one of the other signature drinks was?

  • Meredith

    Shifting Sands. 🙂

  • Steven Doyle

    The St Henderson was the best. Had St Germaine, Beefeater 24, grapefruit and camapari. Garnish had the thin lime and a blueberry. The slipping sands was a fun lonkero.

    Chef Marc Cassel made an appearance at the back of the room for a bit and he did a wonderful job with the passed apps. Cheese board of course featured his own zip code honey produced from his buzzing boys on the roof.

    Fun night. Were you able to name the 24 botanicals they had on display at the front door? I did my best at maybe half.

  • St. Henderson was my favorite as well. Such an amazing cocktail for Summer, too bad it’s nearly over!