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Relax; Don’t Worry; Make a Homebrew (and Cheese) at Homebrew Headquarters

By Sarah Reiss |
Grains and hydrometer - the building blocks of homebrew

Let it not be said that brewing is without its drama – it’s marriages, its breakups, it’s longing glances. Oh, who am I kidding. Even at its most scandalous, craft brewing drama is pretty tame. Take the on-again/off-again collegiality of Homebrew Headquarters owner & chief brewing educator Kelly Harris and his former employee and student Ben Motley, the current beer curator at Central Market. The two, who co-taught Sunday afternoon’s Homebrewing Workshop (the final scheduled event in the store’s Brewtopia extravaganza), have a history as colleagues, pseudo-competitors, and now conspirators.

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The result: a workshop that provided enough information to jazz the beginner and buoy the already initiated. Both Kelly and Motley were keen to teach and, surprisingly, the Cooking School format provided enough time and visibility for students to feel informed and, thanks to bird’s-eye-view video, moderately involved.

Interested in brewing your own ales and lagers? Stop by Homebrew Headquarters to start your journey.

Insider tip: Homebrew Headquarters is poised to venture into cheesemaking (as if beer and wine weren’t enough). And just in time to coincide with Central Market’s Hail to the Cheese event (October 13-26). Check back for more info.