Long Table Trend Goes to Oak Cliff

Speaking of long tables, those merry hipsters in Oak Cliff are doing one November 1. It’s called the Bishop Arts Long Table, and they’ll put it smack dab in the middle of the street. Tickets are $100.

I can see a long-table arms race developing here. This worries me.


  • Glenn

    A long table running down an Oak Cliff street while armed hungry neighbors watched on scares me a tad. I feel safe in Bishop’s Arts but I do often hear gun shots and sirens in the vacinity.

  • downtowner

    Glen, precisely why I intend to bring my sabre with me to dinner–to fend off any ruffian interlopers! Note to the organizers: if the plates aren’t made out of gold and the cocktails from unicorns’ tears, I will demand a refund.

  • KitchenDoor

    I hate dinner parties at long tables. Round tables are more appropriate

  • Tired of North Dallas Douchery at Bolsa

    Glenn, by all means, please stay away from the dirt and grit of Oak Cliff. I hear the restaurants at Legacy and in Fairview are all clean and safe. Please go there. Please.

  • Marcus

    November 1st? During game 5 of the Texas Rangers world series?

  • LJT

    @ Tired – hee hee 🙂

  • downtowner

    @Tired–fortunately, the NDD seen at Bolsa doesn’t seem to have infiltrated Nova yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  • LJT

    @downtowner – ssshhhhhhhhh! don’t give them any ideas.

  • Who Spilled The Beans

    Who told the NDD’s about Bishop Arts anyway?