Lil’ Bits Mini-Donuts Gives D Staffers a Reason to Get Out of Bed on a Friday Morning

Mini-donuts fry best in soy oil (left); the finished product (right)

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D staffers rolled out of bed earlier than normal this morning (especially for a Friday) to be on hand when Nancy Dee of Lil’ Bits Mini-Donuts showed up to fry up a few dozen of her signature mini treats right here in our own kitchen on the 21st floor. Making do with our counter space, Nancy threw down dough for a good half hour, cooking up so many of these remarkably light Os (her actual machine can produce 1,200 an hour) that we finally had to cry “uncle” if we were to get anything at all done today.  Sure, the upstairs smelled a little like the Fair, but it was worth it to witness the love. Check her out at

Nancy Dee drops several dozen minis in our office kitchen (left); D staffers are nothing if not sharers (right)