Gio’s Café and NY Deli to Open in Former Roaster’s Space on Preston & LBJ in Dallas

A new banner hangs across the space formerly known as Roaster’s Deli and before that Ed’s Deli (R.I.P) at Preston Rd and LBJ. Gio’s Deli and New York Deli is under construction and they have a telephone listing. Nobody is answering it yet, so details will follow. (h/t LW)

I happy to have another deli in the works in Dallas. (Although until the Rangers are in the World Series I am anti ANYTHING New York.) That said,  still don’t understand why they don’t make it here–especially in that neighborhood. When I was growing up in Dallas Preston Road was home to many. I can still taste Wall’s. And Phil’s. Where have all the delis gone?


  • the_sneeb

    I’ve never been to Cindi’s in downtown… Is it terrible?

  • Scagnetti

    I wouldn’t lament too much the lack of delis in Dallas, the same thing is true in NYC. There used to be good Jewish delis all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and now delis like Katz’s have become destination dining places.


  • Pastrami

    Actually, I suspect that Gio’s is Chicago despite the NY in the name, but it’s definitely an Italian deli not a Jewish deli.

    Perhaps the biggest issue with Jewish deli in Dallas is that — like Tex-Mex — you have loyalty to the taste and ambiance of what you grew up with (explaining the continued success of El Chico, El Fenix, etc.).

    Ed thought it was decoration and Roasters thought is was about concept (Matzo Ball soup is supposed to be bland!) and Gilbert thought it was about being rude.

    New York, Chicago, Cleveland have generations growing up on Jewish deli. Only Phoenix (with the Chompie’s delis) has been successful with multi-locations.

    But again, you like what you grew up on. Deli News has, for me, the right chopped liver, fatty pastrami, matzo balls and H&H bagels. I do prefer the cake-type black and white though.


  • TG

    excellent insight from this commenter called Pastrami

  • Glenn Campbell

    Hope it works. This makes no sense to me though. So Ed’s Deli is in the spot. The deli doesnt work. Roaster’s comes in and puts in another deli, same spot. It doesnt work. Hmmm, what to put in that spot next????

    I got it, lets put in a deli.

  • Twinwillow

    Lotsa luck. They’ll need it. Just like the Yankee’s.
    I’ll stick to Deli-News.
    Go Ranger’s!