Arts District to Close Street on Sunday for Food Trucks

The Art in October series of events is wrapping up on Sunday. They’re throwing a block party from 11:00AM to 5:00PM by One Arts Plaza. Flora, between Olive and Pearl, will be closed off and lined with food trucks and vendors. Here are a few:

Green House Truck, City Grille, Chi’Lantro  (Austin based), Yum Yum Truck (Ft. Worth)

Also, Screen Door’s new “Squeals on Wheels” will be serving. All the museums  will be free, the costume shop at the Wyly Theater will be open, there will be performances inside and out. There’s an interesting art exhibition by The Arc of Dallas at the Chase Tower Rotunda. GO, Dallas.


  • bob bolena

    should be a fixture every fri-sun evening when the number of performances allows for it b/w the Meyerson, Wyly, Winspear and museums.

    in winter have a soup truck and a coffee/espresso stand.

    spring/summer have frozen drinks, lemonades, etc.

    would be nice to have some treats while taking a stroll. let the arts district get creative; not a walled-off soviet-style row of concrete buildings.

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    Thanks Bob. The Dallas Arts District has filed a request for a zoning change to allow us to bring food trucks down all the time. Current law prohibits it, except for special events. Hope this means you will come down and testify when it goes before the City Council.

  • downtowner

    omg, the Chilantro truck. I just slobbered on myself. I know where I’ll be eating myself sick on Sunday.

  • bob bolena

    i will certainly plan on it!

    can there not be a loophole in making any ol’ night a “special event”. i mean having performances at 2/3 venues paired with museum late nights, et al. sure sounds like a “special event” permit waiting to happen!

    i suppose lots of red tape and paperwork, but maybe one way to circumvent the silly laws.

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    The city allows a 14 day temporary food permit once per quarter. For GreennHouse truck we have the used this for several special events this month starting with the Museum Block Party and ending with this Sunday. On A special event permit is required when we close a street, put up a stage or tent. For a street closure like Sunday we will pay the city around $1800. That would become a fairly expensive proposition if we were do it for the next 3 months. In addition we would need a lot of food trucks to jump the hurdle of the 14 day permits. We are fairly good at work arounds, but that is not a sustainable model. We hope that we will be through the City Council in 3 months and we won’t have to do wor arounds any more.

  • Margaret

    Is this event Pet Friendly??

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    Indeed. Hot Box will have pet offerings

  • Linda M

    Count on my support with the council. Fabulous idea.

  • City Street Grille is the only truck with a Dallas Permit from what I saw.