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What I’m Drinking Now: Boulevard Cocktails


It used to be an unthinkable thing for this TCU grad to even imagine rooting for the Ponys…but then came June Jones, and wonderful friendships (and a great conference winning  record) and things have turned into full on excitement for the Mustangs.

And, it makes hanging out on the SMU Boulevard that much more fun.  Because mixing lots of ingredients is never an easy thing when you are tailgating I have found a few tasty mixers that just need your favorite spirit to make them complete.  Or sometimes it is just easier to open your favorite brew.  Either way here are a few ideas: 

Mr. and Mrs. T  Bloody Mary Mix has reinvented their classic mix by using 95% juice and sea salt now to reduce the overall sodium.  The actual mix doesn’t taste that different and is a great option for your morning tailgate.  Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Original
5 fl oz Mr & Mrs T
1 fl oz Vodka
Pour over ice in a tall cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge, celery stalk and seasoned rim, as desired. 
I also add a bit of extra Worcestershire sauce.

There is a company called Island Delights  that I don’t know how they have done it, but they have created a low-carb/low-cal Margarita Mix, and it is pretty tasty.  You have to order online, but the prices aren’t bad and the flavor is great. 

For those that are organic only in everything they consume there is a great brand called Modmix that blends fresh, organic flavors together in tasty combinations.  I am a fan of their organic lavender lemon drop mix.  Though lemon drops may often be consumed as a shot, this one is great over ice with your favorite vodka. 

I have written about them a few times, but if you are looking for incredible flavor without a lot of mixing, just pick up a bottle of Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and mix with club soda.  Filled with good southern sweet tea flavor without too much fuss.

We stopped by Full Sail Brewery  last week when we were driving through Hood River, Oregon and they were just releasing a very hoppy seasonal beer called Lupulin Fresh Hop Ale which is very reliant on what nature gives the brewer’s at Full Sail each year and is made from the freshest just harvested hops and about 7.5 pounds of hops go into each barrel of beer!   

New Belguim’s  Sunshine Wheat has always been one of my favorite wheat beers. Filled with oranges, apple and spice this wheat beer won’t weigh you down…perfect for game time enjoyment.

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