Update from Avner Samuel: Jon Stevens to Chef Nosh Euro Bistro

This just in:

Celeste and Avner Samuel are proud to announce that chef Jon Stevens has joined the NOSH team as Chef/Partner.  Jon is married with a 2 year old son, has lived in Dallas for 8 years, and worked previously at Neighborhood Services, Aurora and Abacus.  He is a native of San Francisco and worked at Jardiniere and The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton.

“I’m giving Jon complete authority in the kitchen, from the development of our concept to menu creation, say’s Samuel, we are very excited to have him on board”.


  • Grumpy Gus


  • B

    Josh I have some realestate to sell you in Florida, and there really is a Santa Claus..
    Avner giving up control of the menu…REALLY ??????????

    And all the investors will get there money back…. This will be fun to watch.

    Just say NO!

  • Brandy

    jeez…rough crowd!

    Welcome, Jon!!!

    @B- not Josh, you whackadoo.

  • targa

    I’m sure the food will be delicious…cant wait to try it! For all of the bitter folks out there, just stay home…

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