Taco Shops We Have Known – The Good, the Bad, and the Feh

I’d love to kick this off with a cliché like, “I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like,” but I’d be a big, fat liar. I’ve met a number of tacos that rubbed me the wrong way. (For the record, I’ve met an equal number that I don’t even remember because they made so faint an impression.) Top of the list (sublime): the calamari soft taco from Taco Loco in Laguna Beach. Bottom of the heap: the Nebraska-truck-stop, E. coli time bomb of ’93 that stranded me in a deserted campground for 30 hours straight.

Luckily, today’s lunch of fish and crawfish tacos at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Mockingbird did not fall into the latter category, nor did it fall into the former (admittedly, that bar is set pretty high). Where it fell instead is in the “old-reliable” category, which means I’d go there again and order the same combinations again but not stray too far from my choices (my companion was not so fortunate and marked hers in the “feh” category). Take my suggestions or not – nothing about this is life-or-death – but you can trust me that these combos won’t disappoint:

  • Grilled fish tacos done Cabo-style with shredded red cabbage and pico, served in a soft corn tortilla (could have used a second tortilla when the first one broke).
  • Crawfish tacos, also Cabo-style (ask them to go light on the mayo/garlic sauce).

What’s your favorite taco joint in town? I really would like to know, but feel free to leave out your graphic tales of woe; I’ve amassed plenty of those on my own.


  • Tr

    Everyone’s going to have a favorite in the traditional family run taqueria category. Mine is Sobroso’s on Maple near Inwood. Authentic mexican tacos. Helps to know spanish to get lunch.

  • Dilly

    Try the tacos in the Chevron station at Spring Valley and 75. Surprisingly good. And, if you’re feeling kinda saucy, they carry 6 flavors of Mad Dog.

  • A3 and the Rose

    Can’t be a good fish taco without crema, blanco, cilantro and lime. The best fish tacos come from my kitchen, mama.

  • W

    The tacos I had at Fuzzy’s fell into the “awful” category. Tasteless, and I’m pretty sure the salsa was Pace or something. The chorizo in my boyfriend’s tacos was burnt.. Seriously?

    I love 24/7 Taco in Garland (inside a gas station), avoid the extremely fatty barbacoa but the carnitas is fantastic. Cant wait for Good2go to open in their new location, I’m having withdrawals…

  • Grumpy Gus

    According to the Urban Dictionary – “Feh is used sometimes in place of meh, although this is largely inacccurate.”

    Fuzzy’s is definitely a meh.

    Torchy’s Tacos – enough said.

  • Taco Joint – best breakfast and brisket tacos!

    Torchy’s is also a strong lunch spot…they had a taco of the month that had brisket, jalapeno sausage, queso AND a fried egg!!!

  • Jim

    One would think you would have enough sense not to even consider ordering a taco from a Nebraska truck stop. Were you on drugs or what?

  • Marcus

    My issue with Torchy’s, at least on breakfast, is that they over cheese the taco.

    I’ll suggest Fuel City, just because noone else has. Their chorizo & egge or picadillo are hard to beat.

    The guys at Taco Joint are top notch and It’s a weekly stop over.

    I get that Fuzzy’s is not going to light the world on fire, but their habanero shrimp tacos, both grilled and tempura, are pretty good. The nachos are a delicous mess.

  • Sammy

    As mentioned before, friends of mine tried Fuzzy’s and were beyond under impressed. Said there was zero taste, as if they had forgotten to put something in.

    They are also HUGE Fuel City taco fans.

  • m

    Taco Joint is clearly the best. The migas tacos are my favorite breakfast taco in the city.

    And for what it is, I like Fuzzy’s. It’s nearby, it’s quick, and it’s cheap. I didn’t care for the fish taco, but the shrimp tacos are quite good. The won me over with the feta.

    Still dying to try Torchy’s but it’s so out of the way for me.

  • Wes

    I’ve been pretty addicted to the brisket tacos at Rusty’s recently.

  • Crazy Jeff

    As far as Dallas taquerias go, there are 3 that deserve praise:

    1. Fuel City-still my favorite pastor and barbacoa tacos. Hype hasn’t hurt the product.
    2. Taqueria El Si Hay-the most authentic. Bistec is better than the organ meats. Always consistent.
    3. Tacos El Guero-my standby due to location, best taco stand in East Dallas. Try the suadero.

    Torchy’s is good, but prepare to spend $3 or $4 bucks for each “gourmet” taco. Still have to try Taco Joint and Good2GoTaco.

  • Jim- look at Dilly eating tacos from the Chevron station. You never know where you’re going to find greatness.

  • Stephen

    The taqueria at the Valero on Sylvan at 30 is pretty darned awesome and within walking distance of my house. I hardly ever go anywhere else.

  • Scagnetti

    Taqueria La Paisanita on Inwood.

    get the Tacos al Pastor.

    And they won’t make fun of you if you show up drunk and it’s late at night. I’ve tested them on that several times.

  • sam

    Had the breakfast tacos at Fuzzy’s and thought they were very dry and bland. The hot sauce they gave me was uber-hot so I put up with the dry potato & egg taco. But I should say that Fuzzy’s was a replacement for Good2Go since they haven’t opened yet. And G2G has the best breakfast tacos in town. But the Fuzzy’s tacos were enough to turn me off from going there again.

  • 5th Generation

    No love for Rusty Taco??? Rusty beats Torchy’s any day of the week… In a pinch Taqueria La Paloma can put togeather a mean baracoa torta.

  • I’d have to agree with 5th Generation…!

    We are lucky to have so many choices in Dallas, there is a taco stand for every taste.

    See y’all on the patio.

  • Twinwillow

    Ditto Scagnetti on La Paisanita on Inwood Rd. Love their Al Pastor tacos, too!
    Also ditto Crazy Jeff for El-Si-Hay and Tacos El Guero.
    My other faves are Taqueria El Fuego and Al Atoron.
    And of course, El Tizoncito. My favorite dish there being the Tacos Alhambres Pastore con queso.
    These are all true Mexican taquerias catering to the Hispanic customer.

  • Jed

    Any love for Urban Taco? Great salsas too.

  • A. B.

    Top 5 reasons to love Fuzzy’s:

    1. The dedicated beer/margarita line. This is genius. If the line is wrapped around the building, as it often is, sidle up to the beer/margarita register and have one while you wait. Great concept!

    2. Breakfast tacos all day. Make that DELISH breakfast tacos all day. Yes, I’ve had them at all hours. They are wonderment.

    3. Salads–I know this thread is about tacos, but Fuzzy’s makes a great salad.

    4. Some of the best borracho beans I’ve ever had. Seriously delicious. And some taco places don’t have sides of beans and rice to make a true combo plate (I’m looking at you, Rusty).

    5. Great selection of beers on tap, great patio, great place to hang out in general.

  • cbs

    the fooderati will say Taqueria El Si Hay, which I agree can be good.

    But my favorite (despite it being a gringo taco shop) is Torchy’s
    – their migas and dirty sanchez (I swear that is really the name) are fantastic– just order flour and not corn tortillas.

    Taco Joint is also good but their tortilas drag them down

    Dallas really needs somewhere that makes their own fresh tortillas.

  • OldDallasNative

    Rudy’s in Waco…Brisket Tacos
    Salt Lick in Austin Brisket Tacos with green sauce

  • Sammy

    @ A.B.

    So of all the reasons to go to Fuzzy’s, only one of them is taco-related, and it’s mainly that you can get them all day?

    Basically, “Go to Fuzzy’s Tacos, unless you like tacos”

  • m

    Crap, I forgot Good2Go since they’re on brief hiatus. I amend my earlier statement: G2G makes the best tacos in town. hands down.

  • Twinwillow

    @cbs: Taqueria El Fuego makes their own corn tortillas right in front of you!

  • A. B.

    @ Sammy–wow, glass half full. How about “Go to Fuzzy’s if there are people in your group who don’t want tacos.” Clearly, you eat alone.

  • ollie

    If you are in the OC you have plenty of choices. Just read about this place in the Edible magazine. Make their own tortillas. Of course most of the really good ones here make their own.

  • Twinwillow

    Thanks, Ollie. because of your link five of us visited Paraiso today, Very good! Everything is made from scratch when ordered. Including the corn tortillas. We had the combo sopa, chicken enchiladas and the shrimp and beef combo fajitas. But, whatever you eat, order the fresh melon fruit drink. They also have the best Mexican shrimp cocktail in Dallas. And, they’re BYOB.

  • Andrew Chalk

    Had the Fish tacos at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Richardson. Fish was tasteless (it was a Mexican sewer fish called Tilapia) and the topping of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro, feta and garlic sauce was meagre and low quality. At $2 they are a poor value compared with countless authentic Mexican Tacquerias around town (e.g. Twins recs. of Tacqueria El Fuego, El Atoron, El Tizoncito and Paraiso, CJ’s recs. of Taqueria El Si Hay and Tacos El Guero, Scags. rec. of La Paisanita).

  • Abbey C

    I once thought Taco Loco in Laguna was the best ever also till I went to La Especial Norte in Encinitas, CA. I know this is supposed to be about local places, but I dream of La Especial Norte quite often. The 100 year old Mexican women patting out tortillas when you walk in, the smell of slow cooked carnitas, and the perfectly salted tortilla chips. AMAZING.

    LOCAL – Great $2 tacos at Hacienda on Henderson.

  • Twinwillow

    @Abbey: Local ~ Better tacos than HoH only two blocks away on Henderson at Fuqua. Really better, $1.10 tacos at Al Atoron.