Mojito Tasting with Chef Julia Lopez Tonight at La Duni

In this battle-axe of an economy, where even having a job is worth popping a cork over, you have to carve out every cause to celebrate that you can. I chose to celebrate yesterday’s successful (read: bloodless) completion of my first day on the 21st floor by scooting over to the Knox-Henderson La Duni for Street Tacos loaded with fat chunks of mahi and perfectly muddled Margarinhas. Both of which made me wish I were first in line for tonight’s Chef’s dinner with Chef Julia Lopez (who, incidentally, won me over a couple weeks ago when, in a refreshing show of humility, she appeared at my Northpark tableside to personally make amends for a kitchen mishap). My guess is that the mojito tasting and “surprise entertainment” alone will be worth the $42 admission!


  • TK

    Better not no-show or Taco will charge your card and make your wife cry….that’s how he rolls.