Local Editor Continues to Pimp Every Press Release Issued by Green Spot and Il Cane Rosso

I live down the street from the Green Spot. So, yeah, I’m what you might call attuned to its operations. They announce a chili cook-off, and I post about it. Tacos 2 Go pulls out, and I mention that Teresa Gubbins has posted about it. Well, today I bring you news that starting this week, each Thursday the folks from Il Cane Rosso will fire up their wood-burning pizza oven at Green Spot starting at 6 p.m. Will I be there to eat said pizza and take pictures of it and then share those pictures? I think you know the answer.

[Ed. note: More news from Jay Jerrier and Il Cane Rosso below.]

We’ve started a regular weekly gig at Times Ten Cellars in Fort Worth (1100 Foch Street).  We are making pizza there every Tuesday night from 5pm until we run out of dough – after Hermine related rain delays, we finally started last week.  This is our first regular weekly event in FW – and the space is very very cool…much like their Lakewood spot.  They have a nice selection of locally made wine – and this location has a flat screen TV to catch the Rangers games.

– We are continuing our regular (and popular!) pizza night on Wednesdays at Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood (6324 Prospect) – we start at 6pm and go until the dough runs out.
– And new to the lineup, beginning this Thursday 9/23 we will be doing a regular weekly pizza night at Green Spot Market on Buckner near White Rock Lake.  We’ll start at 6pm and go until the dough is gone.  Green Spot has just completed work on a large new patio and also has a private club license – so you can actually buy beer & wine to consume on premises (no BYOB though!).  With the kitchen left behind by Good To Go, we’ll have access to some fryers so we will be making Zeppole in addition to our S’Mores Calzones for dessert.  We’ll have plenty of To Go boxes as well for those that want to grab something to take away.  With Bruce Bagelman involved we are going to do lots of vegetarian options and are going to try some vegan cheese.
– On October 8, we are doing a public event called “Movie in the Meadow” at Greenhill School in Addison.  Their will be drinks, popcorn and unlimited Cane Rosso pizza in the Meadow at Greenhill for families to watch “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” drive in movie style.  Bring your lawn chairs and blankets.  Tickets are $15 and 100% of proceeds go to the school.  If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets you can contact Theresa Jones via email at [email protected]
Fridays and Saturdays we are booked up for private catering events…we have a few dates left in November, but most other weekends are gone!
Hope to have an announcement soon on a permanent home as well.
Any help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated!!
We are pretty active on our Facebook page so that is a good place to get all the scoop…