Ex-Observer Dining Critics Dave Faries and Mark Stuertz are Back Together With New Website: Critic’s Guide

Guess that job Dave Faries had lined up in Europe after he left the Dallas Observer didn’t pan out. Teresa Gubbins has snagged a media kit from Faries’ new venture Critic’s Guide, a website devoted to local restaurant reviews, chefs, cocktails, and dining trends. His partner in dine is none other than his former colleague Mark Stuertz. TGub has the full story here. The money quote from Faries: “We’re not doing news — just restaurant criticism and commentary.” Hmm. That sounds like an easy gig. Digging up news is hard work. Anywhoo, welcome them to the cyber neighborhood. They plan to launch the site, which they predict will fetch 300,000 to 500,000 pageviews per month, in early October. (Anybody know where I can find a bob-tail nag?)