Digg’s Tacos to Open Across from SMU in Mid-December

Just caught up with Joey Milan, the brains behind Digg’s Tacos, a new South Austin-style taco joint going into the old Stromboli’s spot on Hillcrest across from SMU. Milan is a veteran Fort Worth restaurateur. He has operated Lucile’s Stateside Bistro in the Rivercrest Country Club area for18 years and The Stockyards Hotel and H3 Ranch Steakhouse for 12 years. Oh, and he’s a partner in Cousin’s BBQ in Fort Worth. (H/T BBQ Snob.)

“We are the same, simple guys who had a lot of success in 10 years back in Houston with Cabo “The Original Mix-Mex Grill” which we sold by 2001,” says Milan. “It is time for a really good taqueria. This is it.”

Digg’s is a new “brand inspired architecturally somewhat by South Congress in Austin, but different.” Most of the Digg’s concept is still in Milan’s head but the plans on paper call for a “quick-service food that is bold and very flavorful with uncomplicated and sincere service.”


  • runDMC

    Maybe a better use of his “head” would be to figure out what the next trendy food format is going to be. This whitebread taco trap phenomenon is getting way tired.

  • Frenchy

    The SMU kids will probably really dig Digg’s.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  • Joey is one of the executives of Hospitality Concepts, an oil-money company that founded Cabo, H3 and Lucile’s —

    Employees from Cabo went on to start Fuzzy’s, so I would expect something similar —

  • Hi Bud! Thanks for your perspective.

  • meaders

    Don’t know anything about Fuzzy’s or the others, but the fish tacos at Cabo Houston were the best I ever ever had. Haven’t had anything as good since and I’ve been looking! Hope there resurrect some of those ideas.

  • Sammy

    Friends of mine went to the new Fuzzy’s on Mockingbird and said it was about the worst food they had ever had. Bland city. But the place is packed. Were they missing something or are people just fools for the latest “hot” concept.

  • Eli

    I’ve been to Fuzzy’s several times – it’s only a 1mi walk from my house – and have found the food to be quite good. I tend to prefer Rusty, but most if my friends prefer Fuzzy’s. It’s certainly not anything I’d describe as “worst” but I do think their shredded beef could use some extra seasoning. The ground beef, pulled pork and crawfish were all fine though. Cheap beer and magaritas too, which helps when you don’t have to drive. 🙂

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