CuriousDish: Your Favorite Web Sites for Recipes?

Like so many others, my family used to eat out virtually every day.  Then, the idea of eating a little healthier and the Great Recession of 2009 put a crimp in our dining out budget and we began to use our kitchen again. Instead of piling up expensive cookbooks, I looked to the web and discovered Simply Recipes.  It’s my favorite go-to site for innovative ideas that I can actually cook. And eat.

So dear Dishers, share with your friends.  What’s your favorite website for great ideas?


  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Its a pay site and worth every penny. Explains the technique, not just a list of ingredients.

  • m and

  • and

    Easily my top two.

  • Vic

    i enjoy the Allrecipes app on iPhone. Works well also when you are not sure what exactly you want too eat.

  • Anne – great recipes, plus the writing and pictures are top notch. Seriously – I get hungry just looking at the site.

  • Oh my! I love Ree Drummond and the Pioneer Woman website. It is great for home cooking and cooking food for groups. I like also that she shows step by step instructions for those who may be cooking challenged. 🙂
    Everything I have made of hers has been just wonderful.
    I use her website mainly but I also have her cookbook.

    Her blog in general is very entertaining also.

  • Brian

  • FortWorthGuy

    Mark Bittman on the NYT…great. His videos are great.

  • Sheila

    I use Epicurious pretty often. I like the online recipe file feature, so that if I find a recipe that is interesting I can ‘save’ it there, and go back to it when I want. Good recipe reviews as well.

  • Emily

    Agree with @Margaret! Love

  • Tr

    love all the suggestions … I’m inspired. Thanks!

  • TLS

    The reviews help determine is the recipe is worth a damn and sometimes they are hilarious. Also, google. Just put in ingredients you have on hand and someone, somewhere has a recipe using them. It’s freaky.

  • Laura

    I love and also like to support local food blogs, like and

  • Scagnetti

    I thought I was the only one who knew about smitten kitchen!!!

    Leite’s Culinaria

    Chez Pim

    Chocolate & Zucchini

    Cooking For Engineers

    Donna Cooks

  • allison and

    Tastespotting leads you to a million different food blogs with recipes. It is pure food porn. Love it.

  • PF
    Although I don’t care for his TV programs, he does have excellent recipes to use for reference & inspiration.

    wish they went back further into the old Gourmet archives


    LA Times

    SF Chron

  • allison

    Oh, and how could I forget…

  • Thanks for all the great sites above…I had to send them to my home email so I don’t spend too much time at work playing on these!

    Love foodbuzz- its lots of blogs/recipes all in one. You can also link your own blog to automatically update on foodbuzz.

  • – hands down.

  • Epicurious or Cooks Illustrated. Those are my only two…

  • Carla

    Without a doubt, “The Meaning of Pie” has changed my life. Daily I check in with Kelly Dean Yandell and her adventures in the kitchen, not only for recipes, but for inspiration. She has enlivened my kitchen with the sheer joy, philosophy, and practicality she shares with me and all her friends.

  • Epicurious is great. I love the app on the iphone. It helps so much when you are in the grocery store. is also great.

  • laurie Deb is awesome!!
    The Pioneer Woman (if you like butter, you’ve love Ree) If you ever pack a lunch, you’ll love this site (buy a subscription) (free newsletter)
    “Not eating out in New York”
    Molly Wizenberg’s
    Also for some fun reading
    Check out the recipe for boiled water. The comments are hilarious.

  • I just love It is a thoughtful, creative site with excellent recipes and photography. It offers a variety of recipes and is organized well. Whenever I am looking for something good or something new, they always seem to have just what I am looking for. Everything that I have made from the site has been delicious. All the recipes are easy to re-create. Not to mention the step by step photography makes it a breeze. will leave your taste buds jumping!

  • Ron

    The some others were mentioned above.


  • Hey Scagnetti,


  • AimT

    I love It’s fabulous!!!!