Catching Up with Chef David Uygur at Lucia Restaurant in Dallas

The biggest buzz in the Dallas dining community is the opening of chef David Uygur’s Lucia in the Bishop Arts District. The exact date is unknown — beyond the fact that it will be this fall. However,  Uygur has a clear idea of the type of restaurant he wants Lucia to be. I caught up with him yesterday.

He may have had deconstructed food, but this is an unconstructed restaurant. A crew of five worked busily while David gave me a tour.


  • Twinwillow

    Great report, Andrew. I always enjoy watching your informative videos. You’ve got my mouth watering now in anticipation of eating Italian food made with locally sourced ingredients.
    More Dallas chefs need to think in the same direction as chef Uygur.

  • I’ve said it about a million times. I am really looking forward to this restaurant!

  • The Food SS

    Really ! I can’t think of the last time that a new restaurant opening was mentioning in their press release that they will be using “locally sourced ingredients”.