Breakfast Pic of the Day: Watermelon and Bacon. Genius Pairing or Crime Against Nature?

We’ve had a host of new entries to our collection of Dallas breakfasts. I’d thought I was going to feature this one today, because I can think of few things in this life less appealing than slipping a slimy sea creature down my gullet first thing in the morning.

But then arrived the photo at left. The contributor suggests that watermelon and bacon make great substitutes when you don’t have cantaloupe and prosciutto on hand. I link, you decide.

For those who prefer their breakfasts cute as a button, here you go.

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  • Jackson

    I say genius pairing. Perla’s seafood restaurant in Austin had a dish over the summer that brought these two flavors together: grilled Alaskan halibut resting on a dollop of goat cheese and a wedge of watermelon, with tiny sprinkles of bacon drizzled over it. Yum.

  • m

    Well, that amaizing salad at The Mansion combines watermelon and cripsy prosciutto. So perhaps this guy isn’t all that far off.

  • slade


  • Darren


  • Margaret

    That would be an ideal breakfast! Now, if you could add just like one or two little pigs in a blanket…. yummy.

  • me

    where did you see those beautiful oysters ???
    I want some. now.

  • Steven Doyle

    Not a stretch, really. Bruno at the Mansion has the watermelon salad with prusciutto and feta. I see the similarity.

  • Twinwillow

    Sounds good to me.

  • curmudgeon

    Steve, What is prusciutto and where can I get me sum? Is it similar to pancheta?