2010 KRLD Restaurant Week: Diners Survey

I am polling all of the local restaurants that participated in KRLD Restaurant Week to get a feel for how this year compared to last year. I’d like to add your opinions to my sorta scientific analysis.

If you dined during KRLD Restaurant Week in 2009 and again this year, answer the following question below.

Overall, was your dining experience during  2010 KRLD Restaurant Week

a)      Much better than 2009

b)      About the same as 2009

c)      Worse than 2009

Thanks, the check is in the mail.


  • Kayla Batenhorst

    B-About the Same.

    I have participated the last 2 years & enjoyed it each year. Unfortunately only tried 1 restaurant each year (would love to partake in more).
    Only thing I would suggest is that more restaurants make their menu accessible/viewable on the website. I found that only a few displayed the menu.

  • Gipson

    Much better than 2009.

    Of course, my experience last year was unique and unforgettable thanks to the generosity of Al Biernat and impeccable service of his staff.

    But, judging on the food I had this year and my perception of guest value, 2010 really blew it out. My wife, my family and I enjoyed four exemplary evenings. I don’t know if I’m lucky or just easy to please, and I don’t care. Restaurant Week rules!

  • Sparky

    Can I pick A/B? This year was good, last yeaer was meh. Score that as you will.

  • ldascha

    We have participated in RW for years; and this year was better than previous year’s. The menu selections and service were great. No “waiter attitudes” this year.
    Thanks for the opportunity to all the restaurants for participating.

  • Cheesehead

    A/B – This was the same as last year – Both were Great, just like 2008, and 2007. I am one of the fortunate few who have never had a bad restaurant week experience.

  • Betsy

    This year’s experience for us was the same it has been in past years. There are ups and downs to every experience. The thing that I really felt was a downer this year was all the negativity about RW. The complaining from both sides became exhausting to hear and read. I hope RW 2011 will be a success and appreciated for the fun dining it is for a great cause.

  • I’m with Cheesehead… it’s never been bad. Just as good as it ever was. I’d go with B because I didn’t go to as many places this year as last.