Stromboli Can’t Pay Rent?

Speaking of Grimaldi’s, I walked by Stromboli on Hillcrest last Saturday afternoon and noticed that it was dark and empty. Then I noticed a sign on the door. Apparently they’ve been locked out because they failed to pay their rent. I just called the store number. No answer. Looks like SMU kiddos might have to go elsewhere to gain that freshman 15.


  • Rangerfan1

    Pizza slice was “Meh”

  • whoknew

    Heard last night that Jake’s Hamburgers is going in there

  • Steven F

    Is it just me or is Dallas really a truly fickle F’d up restaurant town?

  • Twinwillow


  • Wm. B. Travis

    We’re so screwed.

  • Kellyn D

    Goffs and Jakes within walking distance? Rut. Row. If they were smart, it would be a Chipotle.