SideDish’s Twitter Contest Winner: Aaron Wang Come on Down

Aaron Wang likes to drink beer and bowl!

Yesterday, Aaron Wang became DSideDish follower number 1,700! Huh? What’s so special about 1,700? Well, 1700 is considered, by many, as the birth year of farming with seeds in the U.S. which lead to all of this.

So, congratulate Aaron Wang. Perhaps you will be follower number 1,800. We all know what happened in 1800, capice?  Chicken Marengo!


  • Go Aaron! ( I was gonna say Go Wang!, as I’ve known him forever – but a little decorum, please…)

  • Aaron Wang

    1,700th follower…I feel so special!! I’m a bartender around Dallas and work at Sfuzzi, Wish and the newest one Cameo! So if you guys are out and about stop by and see me.