Send Your Breakfast Photos to SideDish. View Our Page Honoring the Day’s Most Important Meal.

The September issue of D Magazine honors features the best breakfasts in Dallas. Here, on SideDish, we want to create a collective portrait of the way this city starts its day.

Snap a photo of your daily breakfasts, between now and the end of September. Then e-mail that shot to [email protected].  Make the subject line of the e-mail the title of your photo, and write a description of the attached photo (plus your name) in the body of the message.

Through the magic of the Internet, you picture will soon appear here ,where you can compare and contrast your early morning choices with those of your friends and neighbors. This is important sociological research, and you can play your part. Whether breakfast is coffee and a cigarette on your kitchen counter or a bologna sandwich or a short stack of peanut butter banana pancakes made without eggs or milk and topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries (pictured above), we want to see what you’ve got.