Seafood Talk: Current Buzzwords are Confusing

Yesterday, American Public Media broadcast a report by Rob Manning which deals with customer confusion over the use of “sustainable” when applied to seafood. Untangling the many issues (lies?) surrounding the seafood industry—especially now with the crises in the Gulf—is getting murkier by the day. The other night I asked a waiter where the mahi mahi originated. His answer was “maybe China; maybe Chile I don’t know.” That’s really not what we need to be hearing right now. Listen here.


  • its a losing battle with waiters…many chefs don’t know where their seafood is coming from, the chance of the waiter knowing is slim. FWIW most mahi is coming from central america (panama) right now.

    for more info on the need for better sustainablility in the tuna industry (discussed in the interview), Modern Marvels has a “Tuna” episode that is running on History Channel right now. fantastic piece, well worth an hour of your time.

  • Lilo

    What does sustainable mean, anyway. The menu at Stephen Pyles says all the seafood is sustainable. What does that tell me about their salmon? Nothing.

  • Brad


    How would one go about finding the reliable info at a restaurant? Do you as a purveyor know the method used to catch your fish (long line vs. trolling)? I think that becomes a major issue when dealing with bycatch and other sustainability factors…