KRLD Restaurant Week in Dallas Starts: Get Ready to Eat and Report

Yes folks, it is that time of year again—KRLD Restaurant Week. The madness begins tonight with preview dinners and will continue through September 5. If you have plans to dine, keep good notes—every morning SideDish will provide a place for you to post your reviews. If you take a nice photo, e-mail them to me and I will do my best to get them posted as well. Remember to tip your server like it’s not Restaurant Week. On your mark, get set…


  • Pat

    What does “tip your server like it’s not RW” mean? Are you supposed to tip considerably more than 20% just b/c the food is cheaper?

  • Stacy L.

    I was just going to ask the same thing. How about, “Hey servers, provide service like it’s not Restaurant Week”.

  • Yes, I feel you should tip a little more than the price of a meal during Restaurant Week (RW). Servers make much less money during that time because of the discounted prices.

  • Pat

    Here’s my issue with that. If they do a fantastic job then okay, I’m happy to tip a bit more. But why should I shell out more money when they do a crappy job b/c they’re bitter about it being RW?
    For the record, I’m not a “bargain eater.” But I’m also not someone who can afford to drop hundreds of dollars at restaurants multiple times a week. Still, I dine at upscale restaurants often and tip generously. But RW is a fun chance to try out new restaurants without always dropping $300 and if I enjoy it then I’ll definitely go back.
    Unfortunately I’ve had bad service 50% of the time during RW. And I refuse to reward poor service with a more generous tip. That’s ludicrous.
    (I was a server so I do feel their pain but that’s the chance you take when you’re in that industry. Restaurant Week isn’t an excuse to just phone it in and then b**ch about people not tipping enough)

  • Borborygmous

    And if you’re really going for the charity’s sake, how about matching the $7 per meal donation that comes off of the (already discounted) meal prices?

    Imagine if every diner pitched in $7 towards the North Texas Food Bank (or Pope Home), how wonderful that would be.

    Remember as you eat your dinners, this event is to benefit those who go hungry without these services.

  • Stacy L.

    Exactly. I have no problem supporting the North Texas Food Bank, but I won’t support a perceived loss of income by participating restaurant employees during RW as an additional charity.

    Every time I’ve gone to a Restaurant Week dinner, the places have been very busy – busier than I imagine they’d be if it weren’t RW. The times I’ve received lousy service…the de rigeur excuse is that it’s RW and therefore twice as busy as a normal evening. Well, there you go. More tables = more tips.

  • Scagnetti

    Restaurant Week posts now trump John Tesar posts when it comes to bitching and moaning.

  • Scagnetti, close but not quite. I never suggested tipping more if you get bad service. Lord, just a suggestion to reward servers who adjust well to a different service pace.

  • Scagnetti

    @NN: My comment was not directed at you. I AGREE with you. I’m the guy who uses an abacus to calculate the correct tip when I use a restaurant coupon. My comment was directed at the vitriol of posters engendered by RW and Tesar. As we speak, there are diners honing their RW scalpels to be used on some of the best restos this city has to offer because they think they got jobbed when it came to food, service, seating, etc.

  • Riley

    where do we post

  • Reader

    Riley it says above there will be a post up every morning for you to write in.

  • Scagnetti, the first sentence of that comment was to you sorry. I should have hit return, the rest of the thought was for peeps who suggested I tip more no matter what. I love the abacus imagery.

    Here is the way I think about the service staff. I imagine what it would be like if my boss came into a company meeting and said guys for three weeks in August we are not going to do a full magazine, we are going to do to or three little pamphlets. A good portion of the money we are going to make is going to charity. Now, let’s go out there and show them what we really do the other 11 months of the year so they will buy our magazine. We would have no choice (well, unless we quit) to participate. For three weeks our work pace is shattered and increased. The owner of the restaurant/magazine is seen as a charitable person. The staff is always overlooked. In the current economy, restaurants should treat themselves as charities.

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  • iroguy

    There is no question that you should tip on service regardless of RW or not. However if you get great service during RW you should tip more than 20% of your meal cost. This also holds true when using a discount coupon. The inverse also hold true, if you get crappy service tip commiserate to that service.

  • Neighborhoodie

    Now Nancy, fair is fair. Are you going to give the servers a forum to post their reviews of RW? If the patrons get to nitpick the food and service, then the people who bring us RW should get to spill about their crazy experiences as well. The bad tippers, the irrational accomodations, and those who just feel the need to unleash their stress and fury on their undeserving server. Service employees put up with more than the norm this week. With a smile. It may be a good education for patrons to see another perspective.

  • Neighborhoodie, ask and you shall receive.