Job Opening at D Magazine

D Magazine has an immediate opening for an assistant editor. The job entails writing pithy descriptions and reviews of restaurants and bars across North Texas, using a web CMS to wrangle the large database of listings that feeds our online offerings and our iPhone app. The successful candidate (hereinafter called the “SC” to avoid that thorny “he or she” gender issue) needs to be unafraid of computers and telephones. The SC needs to give a damn about the local dining and bar scene. The SC needs to be of legal drinking age. The SC might not have any journalism experience but might just perhaps already have a blog on which the SC writes about food and/or drink. The SC will be meticulous, because in this brave, new digital world, copy editing and fact checking aren’t going to be done by anyone other than the SC in most cases. The SC, in other words, will know the difference between “everyday” and “every day” — and, while we’re at it, that “whipped chick peas” on a fancy menu really just means hummus. The SC might be able to tell us who cooked at Aurora without having to resort to Google. And, finally, the SC will be happy to work long hours for short money. Just being honest here.

Send a cover letter, résumé, and a 200-word description of your favorite bar or restaurant to editjob_at_dmagazine_dot_com.