Jeff Moschetti’s One 2 One Opens in Frisco Tonight

The talented former Stephan Pyles/Dragonfly chef has fled up the Dallas North Tollway to Frisco and debuts his new One 2 One tonight, and the menu looks pretty familiar for anyone who’s dined on his fare before: ginger beef on wasabi mashed potatoes, Beau Nash smoked chicken and corn soup, five spice calamari. Nothing really surprising here though I am interested in the grilled watermelon and heirloom tomato with lemon yogurt and smoked sea salt. But lets talk about that name: One 2 One. Restaurant or online dating service? Discuss.


  • I hope it is both.

  • Cellarmaster

    There’s a One2One bar on the corner of 5th and Brazos in Austin. Very unique name…a quick google search came up with all sorts of neat things, including an online dating service LOL. I wish him well on his new venture!

  • Tammy

    We had AMAZING food and a great time at One2One. Can’t wait to eat there again!! Our favorites were the pizza, burger, Halibut and Pork Tenderloin. And for dessert, the BROWNIE!!! Delicious!

  • Stephan Pyles

    Good luck, Chef Jeffy. Can’t wait to come check it out! Knock ’em dead!

  • Marilyn Cole

    I was there for three nights and had great food all three nights. I especially liked the scallops and Asian salad. Compliments to the chef!

  • Sarah truden

    The food was GREAT! The tenderloin was wonderful. The restaurant is beautiful! I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can take advantage of the patio and have some more Texas Tinis.

  • H Lee

    Amazing food – we sampled it all and there was nothing that wasn’t delicious! Best burger and fries I have ever had. Don’t miss the most sinful brownie ice cream sundae! Go and try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  • macky

    Gross…. Whats up with the cheesy logo?

  • Jon

    Looks like some great comments.. Congrats, Jeff! Wishing you much success..

    Oh and… Isn’t the location on Highway 1 2 1? 🙂

  • Christine

    The Ginger Beef, AWESOME! Really I think the best beef I have ever had. Anywhere. The outside, dark, almost charred in color. The inside, red and very moist. Great place.