Is It Strange That Twin Peaks Hired Sean Salisbury to Be Its Spokesman?

I listen to The Ticket on my drive to and from work. During my commute, I have heard numerous commercials for Twin Peaks, the sort of Hooters ski lodge that started in Lewisville. These feature failed broadcaster/NFL QB Sean Salisbury. The first part is all about Twin Peaks’ cold, cold beer. So that’s fine. But they end with Salisbury going on and on about the “scenic views” — which, given the restaurant is named Twin Peaks, and again, it’s basically a sort of Hooters ski lodge, you can gather what he’s referring to.

I’m not a prude, but isn’t it odd that Twin Peaks would have Salisbury doing these bits, since the rumors why he lost his gig with both ESPN and 105.3 the fan here centered on Salisbury’s various shenanigans with his cellphone (showing female coworkers pics of what he referred to as “Little Sean,” sexting, etc.)? Or maybe that makes him the perfect person to be the ogler in the spots. I don’t know. Not saying the rumors are true — actually, the “Little Sean” party is totally true — but it’s all about perception. Anyway. Give me my $50.


  • Airbus

    And this was worthy of a SideDish post?
    What other bad decisions are you going to make today?

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  • luniz

    I would say that it’s a good fit. It’s not exactly the kind of place that exudes class.

  • Senor

    I think Salisbury is the perfect pitchman for the demographic Twin Peaks is trying to reach.

  • m

    I have to turn off The Ticket every time that commercial comes on. It’s the single worst and most irritating spot I’ve heard since the Gallions days…and at least those were funny.

  • Hooters, Twin Peaks are for losers that have to pay pretty women to talk to them.

  • Logan

    Omg…i am so glad i’m not the only one weirded out by this. I thought exactly the same thing when i heard the ads a couple of weeks ago. Terrible choice for a spokesperson, in my opinion.

  • Guest

    Agreed. I turn the Ticket off when I hear his voice. Those adds kill me. Salisbury is plain terrible. Twin Peaks needs to pull immediately.

  • Junie

    My husband said the same thing. Very over the line bad decision funny he said that yesterday and I read this today.

  • sky

    First of all, how dare you to spread rumors about a man who admitted to making a sophmoric joke in a bar with his friends four years ago and is moving on to bigger and better things. And, if this is the worst think this man has ever done, then he’s living a damn good life. He is a great father, who made a mistake and has paid more than the price for it. As far as your cbs rumor, I can tell you for a fact that a cellphone and a woman were never involved. So, isn’t it time that the man who is repairing his life and his career be forgiven instead of chastised? And, by the way, a ten year NFL career and fifteen years of national broadcasting at the highest level doesn’t exactly constitute a failure. Take a look around at all of the other peoples mistakes in sports and broadcasting or life and realize that his punishment does not fit the crime. For a man who is involved in charity, and as humble a celebrity your ever meet maybe it’s time for you to let him move forward in his career because he is great and passionate about what he does.
    And, by the way, knowing a girl he dated, there is nothing “little” about this man!!!!!!!

  • Tommy

    Maybe it’s more newsworthy to talk about Twin Peaks winning the Nation’s Restaurant News 2010 “Hot Concept” Award ( than to talk about their spokesperson. I would think that a food blog would find it more relevant to support a DFW home grown, made from scratch, award winning concept.

  • Glenn Campbell

    Sean Salisbury reminds me of Kenny powers, except lame rather than bad-ass. Sky is clearly the Stevie of that relationship.

  • John

    I think it’s a great idea to have Sean Salisbury as a spokesperson. It got all you talking about the spots, didn’t it?
    I’ve been to Twin Peaks and think its a great concept. The food is decent, they have cold beer and giant televisions everywhere. Yeah, there’s pretty girls walking around. So what? It’s a fun place.
    Sean Salisbury seems like a nice guy who’s made a couple mistakes. Big deal. Who hasn’t? His were just a little more public than most. Get over yourselves and go to Twin Peaks. You might even enjoy it.

  • duality of man

    @ sky The sad statement you made is that you feel it was a sophmoric joke.