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Is It Strange That Twin Peaks Hired Sean Salisbury to Be Its Spokesman?

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I listen to The Ticket on my drive to and from work. During my commute, I have heard numerous commercials for Twin Peaks, the sort of Hooters ski lodge that started in Lewisville. These feature failed broadcaster/NFL QB Sean Salisbury. The first part is all about Twin Peaks’ cold, cold beer. So that’s fine. But they end with Salisbury going on and on about the “scenic views” — which, given the restaurant is named Twin Peaks, and again, it’s basically a sort of Hooters ski lodge, you can gather what he’s referring to.

I’m not a prude, but isn’t it odd that Twin Peaks would have Salisbury doing these bits, since the rumors why he lost his gig with both ESPN and 105.3 the fan here centered on Salisbury’s various shenanigans with his cellphone (showing female coworkers pics of what he referred to as “Little Sean,” sexting, etc.)? Or maybe that makes him the perfect person to be the ogler in the spots. I don’t know. Not saying the rumors are true — actually, the “Little Sean” party is totally true — but it’s all about perception. Anyway. Give me my $50.