Hannah Boen’s Final EatDown

Team EatDown. (Hannah on far right.)

Today is our summer intern Hannah Boen’s last day. More importantly, last night was her final EatDown dinner.  This week she and a group of friends have been finishing off the leftovers in her kitchen. I’d say she did a great job. Hannah, please remember us when you get your own show on Food Network.

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My first year in college, three friends and I put several cans of Hormel chili into a crock pot, added Dr Pepper, bacon, and roasted red peppers, and entered it into a chili cook-off. Everyone raved about our “secret” recipe and we took home the championship.

I knew I had this last meal in the bag. Going with our award-winning recipe was fool proof but I wanted a little more of a challenge, so I altered it a tiny bit. Wolf brand was the only chili I had on hand, but it would have to do. I put it on the stove and added some (not from Dublin) Dr Pepper I’d to snagged from the vending machine in my building. I nixed the roasted peppers from the recipe, but cooked and added some of the bacon left over from last night’s meal.

At the first sight of a bubble in the pot, I pulled it from the heat and poured it over a bowl of Fritos. I topped that with some shredded cheese I “borrowed” from my neighbor and the remainder of my sour cream. Considering today is my last day on the job, I washed it all down with some celebratory champagne. And when I say “some” I mean one tiny sip. That stuff tastes like dirty dish water.

The meal was satisfactory. I was happy to have knocked out three more things on my EatDown list, but I will be more happy to return to my regular diet of grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen burritos.

Your comments were extraordinarily helpful. Much better than my brother-in-law’s suggestion for using the noodles: glue them to construction paper in the shape of angels. As for the remaining items, I’m thinking Craigslist? I can’t take credit for that idea, though. It was inspired by Abel’s listing. BYE! And thanks!


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    Hmmm, a version of frito pie…I’ll take credit for that suggestion.