Good 2 Go Taco Now More Good to Go

When Jeana and Colleen opened Good 2 Go Taco (702 North Buckner, 214-668-0831), they decided to keep breakfast simple. While their lunch offerings got a little fancy (pulled pork and pineapple, chicken and artichoke), in the morning they just served egg and potato, and egg and bacon. But now they’ve got the operation running smoothly and have begun serving specialty tacos for breakfast. Too, earlier this month, their Paris, Texas taco (pictured, grilled hangar steak, spinach, egg, potato, jalapeño hollandaise) was featured on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” They couldn’t very well show the thing on TV and then not serve it. Since they upped their morning offerings, they’ve been slammed. If you stop in, here’s some advice: do NOT attempt to consume these things while you’re driving.

Update: The girls are moving their taco stand down the street to a new spot near the corner of Peavy and Garland. They’ll decamp from their current location at the end of this month and then open (hopefully) 45 days later.


  • allison

    And if you’re allergic to something, don’t attempt to ask for a taco without it. Won’t happen. I’ve asked many times and have been rudely rebuffed. Taco nazi!

  • Me!

    @allison, what are you allergic to? From the menu it looks like you can pick your ingredients, is that not the case?

  • allison

    I’ve asked to have a breakfast taco without cheese since I can’t have it. Ain’t happenin’. Granted, it’s been during the WRLM, but still. They’re premade and at the front counter. You don’t like it, too bad. No taco for me.

  • Eliot

    Allison – They are not taco Nazis. Many of the taco preparations are made in quantity earlier in the day so that you don’t have to wait forever for all that yumminess. The “double down” egg taco is the only one that you can specify ingredients. On some of the tacos they can hold the cheese if it is a final topping.

    If the beef tongue taco is offered…get it!! You will not regret it! Nom nom!

  • Cari

    Usually the Good 2 Go staff are some of the first people I see in the morning. I’ve never heard any rude or unfriendly talk from the ladies. Mornings are when at my grumpiest and most sensitive, so I’d sure notice it.

    Yes, please go eat tacos elsewhere. Since all of Dallas (and then some) has now discovered Good 2 Go greatness. It just means the line will be that much shorter and I’ll get my Hotlanta that much sooner!

  • allison

    I’m glad that a local person is doing well and getting recognition. Don’t get me wrong. Your experience has been much different from mine. I’ve asked which tacos I could get without cheese and I’ve been curtly rebuffed each time. I did clarify that I’ve only been on WRLM days and perhaps policies & the dispensation of tacos are different on those days because of the crowd. They have not been accommodating when I said I had an allergy. I’d love to eat a taco, but service prevents me. My experience, not yours. That said, I wish the Green Spot all the best in the world. It’s a good thing for the neighborhood.

  • Elaina

    Did you ask the actual taco people? I am betting you didn’t. Yes, White Rock Market days are VERY busy, give it a try another day. There are tacos on the menu EVERY DAY with no cheese!

  • Misty

    The bacon and egg and potato and egg tacos (the ones that are pre-made at the front counter) don’t have cheese in them. So I’m pretty confused by your criticism…

  • Tim

    I love their tacos. The ladies are so nice. Sorry about your experience, allison. Wishing they were open now, mmmmmm!

  • Kaz

    I’ve never known Jeana and Colleen to be anything but kind and accommodating. I told them last year that I was allergic to soy, and they always remember that if I try to get a vegetarian taco. They’ve always got my back! I never go there on Market days, though, because of the enormous crowd. I always try to go in “off” hours, like 1:30 or 2:00.

  • Rob ‘hyoomen’ Vann

    Thanks for recognizing one of my favorite local eateries (of which there are so many these days!), D Magazine! I still remember being a long time Green Spot customer, in to fill my Golf TDI with B100, and seeing the new kitchen getting built in. I scratched my head and wondered whether the food would be worthwhile compared to other gas station eateries (*ahem* Fuel City)…and then it happened: the Honey Bear. Was this delicious taco for real? Yes. And then came more. Soon I was making trips for tacos even on days when I didn’t need gas. It’s fabulous to see this amazing establishment keep on trucking and hit the big time. Way to go, Good 2 Go!

    PS: I regularly see the ladies just after an insane lunch rush or just before close and I’ve never run into rudeness. Obviously our mileage will always vary with our individual circumstances, but I hope anybody and everybody will give Good 2 Go a second or third try: don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. Not every business can cater perfectly to every customer all of the time (that’s one of the beautiful treats of the local movement — individuality!), but Good 2 Go is the sort of treat I’d make the effort to meet halfway.

  • Sara

    Too bad you had this experience. Every time I have gone in, which is at least once or twice a week, the ladies have been wonderful! The tacos are amazing and we are totally addicted. I feel like a pusher because I have gotten other friends “hooked” on them too. Way to go ladies!

  • Amy

    I don’t eat eggs, and on every visit they’ve been kind enough to accommodate me by cutting them, last weekend on the Paris TX with a long line of folks, but always doing a bacon and potato. Please run by when it’s not market wknd. Which is tomorrow, btw.

  • Marky mark

    I, too, have never had a bad experience with the ladies. They have always giving the most amazing customer service when I am there and gladly would add or subtract anything that I asked and I go there daily……..

  • Mattyc

    There are definitely several specialty tacos that have ingredients premixed, so you really can’t ask for certain things subtracted. That said, there are almost always at least two or three other options that you can easily get items off of.

    Hotlanta, School Daze, and Q are the best ever! That and I think I found my new fave, the Articokie-dokie!!!! It was insane!

  • they definitely are not the taco nazis. how do i know this? because… I AM THE MF’ing TACO NAZI! NO MORE TACOS FOR YOU!

  • allison

    Elaina, thank you for your concern. I may have gone to DISD, but I did graduate. Of course I asked them directly.

    Ok, so I’m a minority of one. I’m the only person with the allergy in a cheese-loving-to-the-point-of-melted-brie-iv’s in my family, so I’m used to it. (A DUBBYA, you’re my mom but you sound exactly like my dad.) We can go back to the original topic. Yay for a local business getting national praise!

  • rob

    Allison – if you are asking the person at the cash register, they have no control over whats in the taco – you have to go back to the kitchen and order your tacos there – it might take a little longer but you will get your order with cheese taken off – I even order the Paris TX with, god forbid, no egg

  • Nancy

    I’m vegan and the girls always are very accommodating. Instead of trying to convice ‘Allison’ to come on days other than WR market days , I’d like to convince her to go elsewhere so there’s one less person in front of me for the Curry in a Hurry or Thai Juan!

  • Peggy Lundy

    Jeana and Colleen are hard-working and extremely pleasant under crowded and hectic conditions. On one occasion I asked Jeana to “hold the rice” on my taco and she said she would, but did I want potatoes or grits instead because the taco would fall apart? No fussing. No anger. Great service. Wonderful food. Terrific local business.

  • Beth

    I visited G2GT and was taken off guard by the rude treatment I was given. I’ve been in many times and I know several ppl who will not go back bc of the rude treatment they have recieved. I never understood what they were talking about until today. I’m dissapointed bc I’ve enjoyed every other experience Ive had in regards to food and service until today.

  • Eliot

    Beth – I have to ask – were you acting like a grown up or a child? I see a lot of so-called-adults visit the taco stand and they hold up the line with their cell phones and not paying attention or taking seats before getting food or even trash talk the staff! Jeana and Colleen expect people to act like considerate adults….and in return they will treat you like friends! All that to say, I would recommend some self reflection before holding a grudge–they are obviously a capable and experienced team.

  • Beth

    No Elliot. I was not acting like anything but a considerate customer. I’m confused as to why you feel it’s necessary to be rude? I was only sharing my experience because I was really taken back by it and caught off guard. No ill intent was meant. I agree that ppl that stand in line on cell phones and lack overall respect are tacky,inconsiderate and rude. I however was not doing that. Maybe she was upset about someone else before me but I did have a less than pleasant experience today.

  • Jeana

    @Allison and @Beth I’m Jeana Johnson and I co-own G2GT. We are always striving to get better and manage our space to the VERY best of our ability. I invite both of you to come sit with us so that we can hear your experience first-hand. I am available anytime after 3pm 7 days a week. Please call first so that we can make ourselves available to you.

  • I love Good 2 Go tacos as more than a friend. Had some uh-mazing breakfast tacos this weekend. Service was fast and friendly as always.

    Keep up the great work! I love feasting on two big breakfast tacos after my early runs at White Rock.

  • Katy

    Look at that! Look what Jeana wrote. Now is that awesome or what?!? These guys just rock and I’ve never seem them be anything but cool and kind to everyone even when they are under a lot of pressure and must be flat out exhausted. I’d love to get me a few delicioso tacos today…yet I want them to stay closed every Monday so that they can try and have 1 day off per week. I’m sure they have errands to run and things to catch up with as we all do, so it’s probably not even a day off. My hat goes off to them for accomplishing so much in so little time! Keep that in mind girls and talk to Jeana if you like. You’ll love her and Colleen both!!

  • beeees

    i’ve had only good experiences at G2GT and I always find that the veggie tacos are my favorites. i wish i worked near by but unfortunately the only time i can go is on wknds.

    I do think it’s funny that the two people with not-so-great experiences are being told on here that they must be mistaken and or they must have done something wrong, haha. the place gets busy. it is possible they didnt have a great experience guys. let it go 🙂

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  • sausage on a stick

    I nominate the Good 2 Go girls for President! (Well President and Vice President). It was with a twinge I read about the relocation. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it is a great move for Jeana and Colleen, but will be a little saddened by the loss of the Green Spot location (maybe they’ll keeping pumping out the pre-mades there)?
    As I live nearer the new location, I’m stoked though. Girls, let me know when I need to bring my paintbrush!!