Food Feedback Friday: What and Where Did You Eat This Week in DFW

Dang, I probably picked the worst week to start our new feature, Food Feedback Friday. It’s hot, nobody’s hungry, and KRLD Restaurant year month week(s) kicks off this weekend with preview dinners and continues its run through September 5 . I’m sure many of you who have made multiple restaurant reservations probably stayed home this week. (I did not and it was a scary to witness so many empty dining rooms.) Anywhoo, if you have a recent dining experience or complaint you’d like to report, do so below. The audience is listening.


  • bill holston

    Sunday, my wife and I both had the excellent vegetarian eggs benedict at the Meridian Room. Great service. Try it with roasted tomatoes and slice of avocado. My wife had the pepper infused Bloody Mary, which she said was quite good.

    Yesterday, had very good and inexpensive pad thai at Thai Noodle and Rice on Fitzhugh. Very refreshing Summer lunch.

  • Marcus

    The Dallas area local go to spot for delicious chorizo empanadas, Cafe Brazil, offered up free lunch yesterday for its fans on Facebook with each location having a different special.

    We picked the Deep Ellum location and had the chicken burrito special, which was packed with fried chicken, black beans, chipotle rice, and mixed greens. The flour tortilla was pressed in order to give the overall burrito a crispy texture.

    Although I’m not a regular Cafe Brazil lunch patron, it was an extremely nice gesture for a free lunch. Surprisingly there were not a lot of patrons dining at that location.

    All three of us enjoyed the lunch and our total bill was $4 and some change for 2 teas. We’ll be back.

  • Zach B

    Fuel City tacos for lunch yesterday and thats it.

  • shel

    I went to Hattie’s for lunch this week and had my favorite sandwich, the griddled ham & Brie, with tomato chutney on honey wheat bread.. and sweet potato fries. Hattie’s is such a relaxing and yummy place for lunch!

  • Charm Offensive

    After living in Dallas for 15 years, I went to Highland Park Cafeteria for the first time on Wednesday. I must say the fried chicken was very good, but the value was lacking ($16 for Fried Chicken, 3 sides, dessert and tea). Still, I’ll probably return.

  • Drew

    Well… His about never using the valet at Uncle Julio’s on Lemmon EVER again? Got in my truck, started to drive away, quickly noticed the valet farted in my truck. It was like that Seinfeld episode with the B.O. in he car. Why must people be so juvenile?

  • Gipson

    The sunrise enchiladas at Aparicio’s in Plano; one of the better tex-mex joints for my money. The sunrise enchiladas are stacked rather than rolled, New Mexico-style, then topped with sauce and an egg fried medium. While chile con carne is typically my go-to sauce, at Aparicio’s I really like the red sauce.

    My mother actually makes the best enchiladas on the planet, but she only makes them maybe once or twice a year. In the interim, Aparcio’s sunrise enchiladas with the red sauce come closest. Nowhere near close …. but closest.

  • LC

    I know I’m a little late on this one, but I finally got around to going to Samar. I went with 2 good friends and we had the best time. We shared the Hummus, 3 spreads with Naan, “Blistered” Green Spanish Chiles with Hickory Smoked Sea Salt,andIdiazabal Cheese and Olives Marinated with Garlic and Hoja Santa. Also, drank lots of good wine and tried out the hookah! Great atmosphere, friendly server … honestly, one of the most fun dinners I’ve ever had.

  • M Streeter

    Took out-of-towners to Dish last Saturday night. Chorizo flatbread, scallops and braised ribs were all superb. Service was spot on. People-watching and the energetic vibe had our guests agog. It reminded us of why we live in Dallas.

  • Misty

    Last night I went to Louie’s with friends. Started with the Greek salad (the tangy vinegar and oil dressing is what makes it) and my entree was the fettucine alfredo (I promise you it’s the best in town). You truly cannot get a bad meal there.

    Had RJ’s Mexican for lunch yesterday…my co-worker picked it. I had not been very impressed with them before, but this time it was decent. Just a chimichanga stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and onions…filling was very moist and flavorful. Accompanied by refried rice and beans.

    On Wednesday I went to a Korean BBQ joint at Harry Hines & Royal Lane for lunch. We shared pork belly and brisket, which they cooked on a coal stove at our table; ate various types of kimchee (cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, bean sprouts, dried sardines(?), pickles, wonton, cucumber). I wish I knew the name, but it’s tucked into the back of an Asian shopping center on the south side of Royal Lane traveling west.

  • naugesque

    I didn’t eat out much this week. But I did try Farnatchi Gourmet Overn because they were right next to my dentist and running a lunch special.

    They sold and quickly delivered me a calzone as big as my head with my choice of ingredients (mushrooms and grilled onions, with at least one whole roasted garlic clove). I got to watch it go into the oven. And they refilled my glass with very tasty tea at least 8 times, offering me a to go tea when I left.

    I will most definitely be back.

  • JS

    Taco Joint, Maple & Motor, and Herrera’s (Maple). Sense a pattern there?

  • TJ Lover

    Taco Joint for lunch Wednesday. Brisket tacos, can’t go wrong. My co worker got the Lester which is basically a gordita crunch from Taco Bell but a million times better. Corey threw in a free disaster dip since it was there 2 year anniversary. Corey and Jeff are really 2 of the best guys ever. Picked up breakfast today from Taco Joint for my office group. Can’t go wrong with the MT and the potatoes they use in the breakfast tacos are amazing. Small and crunchy, really haven’t had anything like it. Called it in when I left my house, was waiting for me the second I walked in and Corey threw in a free drink. I’ve spent over $60 there this week, I have a problem.

  • Melissa

    Went to Kenny’s Woodfire Grill in Addison. Food, service and atmosphere were all great. They serve popovers right when you sit down which are a hot roll you fill with butter and honey if you choose. Pork Tenderloin with mango chipotle salsa was excellent. Left with a $20 gift card for a birthday, what a great idea instead of always a free dessert. Wonderful!

  • luniz

    I haven’t been eating out much lately but I did have a pretty awesome lunch at Nuevo Leon in Farmer’s Branch Saturday. Cabrito & carnitas. Definitely a favorite of mine so far.

  • Charm, thanks for the HPC update. That is some pricey fried chicken. Assuming no sides???

    MStreeter, glad to hear Dish was crowded.I met a former waiter last night at another resto and he said the place was dead. Thanks for the update.

  • Christopher

    Tuna & Avocado Tartare at Neighborhood Services Tavern – Seriously [email protected]

    Dirty Sanchez at Torchy’s Tacos – Delish

  • Annette

    My house, my couch… my TV dinner was burned and tasted like cardboard! I asked for my money back, but my dogs just stared blankly back at me. Talk about bad service!

  • Animal Style

    Charm, I live in LA and $16 for fried chicken, 3 sides, dessert and tea seems like a bargain to me. That’s why I love coming back to Dallas and eating in all the fabulous restaurants!

  • Dilly

    Went to the Porch last night. My sister’s Stodg Burger was awesome. My grilled cheese and tomato soup were below average… the tomato soup was burned (too long on the steam table). But my martinis more than made up for it. It’s 12:42 and I’m still full.

  • Wendy

    Went to Jorge’s for lunch and tried the breakfast tacos. They would have been great if they hadn’t been drowning in chorizo grease. [shudder] The breakfast potatoes were fab, though!

  • Charm Offensive

    @Nancy: Was $7.99 for entree + 2 sides. I also wanted blackeyed peas, so add another $2.09. Iced tea was about $2, and the slice of chocolate cake (also very good) was $3. W/tax, just over $16.

    @Animal Style: Make no mistake, the food WAS good, but it seemed a bit much for a cafeteria, that’s all. And yes, Dallas has great restaurants–living in Philadelphia for 2 years really drove that home.

  • Went to Veracruz for dinner last week. I was not impressed.

  • I tried out Nova last night and wasn’t disappointed. The space itself is a cool upgrade from Kavala – nice and bright and open.
    Hummus is still a winning dish at this old Dairy Queen spot, and the pork tenderloin was smoky & tender. I will definitely be returning.
    I also tried out Ziziki’s Tavern in Addison, and I liked it as well. My lamb souvlaki was a winner as was the artichoke hummus.

  • samantha

    Is it bad I eat out twice per day, then celebrate on weekends???

    Fri Lunch: Taco Diner West Village- nachos elegantes, again. margaritas, again.

    Fri Dinner: Fearings- Mopped chicken fried lobster… love it.

    Thurs Lunch: Lumi Empanada and Dumpling Kitchen- no one there!, food just ok. Spicy beef empanadas better than shrimp and crab ones.

    Thurs Dinner: Suze- incredible as always. Salmon this time.

    Wed lunch: Taco loco (elm street)- better than taco joint, I promise.

    Wed dinner: Enos (Bishop Arts)- Eno’s Supreme was nice, but skip the appetizers.

    Tuesday lunch: Tei An Ones Arts Plaza- OMG! Order tons of stuff and enjoy. But was no one there, a little creepy. And the bathrooms… who uses a public (or private) bidet?

    Tuesday dinner: Ordered out from Mango’s Lovers- ok only.

    Monday Lunch: Screen Door- shrimp and grits (waiter took my plate before I was done, but I was with client, could not bitch!!!). Lemonade rocks.

    Monday Dinner: Neighborhood Services (Lovers)- Mussels with chorizo and then Veal schnitzel (awesome!).

  • cp

    Damn samantha, can I have YOUR job???

    I was in the mood for Fuel City tacos and a daiquiri from Daiquiri’s To Go…. oh and I met a friend a Red-friggin-Lobster (her choice, not mine) where I’m pretty sure I picked up something that tore up my insides for a day.

  • Pals

    Parigi last night. First time in 5 years, won’t bother again. First seated at 2 top (four people), then moved to 4 top next to el bano. Nice. And boy was it hot. Looks like this is an ongoing problem given the decorative floor fans stationed around the restaurant visibly blowing people’s hair. Despite the gale, it was still hot.

    Service MIA. Server never re-filled a wine glass (three bottles were consumed) and didn’t visit table for last hour we were there. It was only 10:15 on a Saturday night when we left. Food was all heavily sauced, and so dated in preparations. Uninspiring. Next.