Eat This Now: Hatch Chile Stuff at Central Market

I realize Hatch chiles, like Copper River salmon, are backed by massive marketing campaigns and there are many other peppers that deserve equal accolades. That said, I’ve tried a few products from Central Market’s Hatch Chile Festival. The pepper flavored chips and queso are crazy spicy (and great with margaritas). However run, don’t walk, for the chicken sausage with Hatch chiles and CM’s fresh flour tortillas. And Hatch chile pimento cheese, mac and cheese, risotto cakes, and chicken salad. The festival continues through Sunday.


  • DGirl

    My dinner last night was BBQ pork tenderloin and hatch chile cheese grits. Love me some hatch chiles.

  • m

    The deli counter has hatch turkey which is ridiculously good.

    Those hatch tortilla chips are fantastic and addicting which is why they’re not allowed in my house anymore.

  • Brandy

    I also had pork tenderloin last night. I have a new favorite healthy hatch green chile recipe for the sauce on the tenderloin… to die for!

  • m

    This reminds me: I bought some of those roasted hot green hatch chilis at CM. I used some in shrimp tacos but have tons leftover. I need a good idea of what to do with them. Anyone?

  • DGirl

    @Brandy – spill it! What’s the recipe?

  • you HAVE to get the hatch chile queso in medium or hot. it’s unbelievable!
    m, my suggestiosn: mix a little in guac, or a little in chorizo and eggs (soy-chorizo for me)to make breakfast tacos, or puree them in enchilada sauce…YUM!!!

  • What about a creamy corn chowder with roasted hatch chiles?

  • Stasia

    The roasted hatch chili’s are great in white chicken chili, I use a modified Paula Deen recipe and the hot chilis. I have also made a Pork Chili using the roast hatch chilis which is also really good!

  • Margaret

    @m you can freeze them. CM has little recipe cards for preparing and storing them. They will just be delightful when the 1st snow hits!

  • I bought their hatch chili stew which was so good – added ground beef & polenta to the pre-made mix. Also bought some hatch tortillas.

    Anyone try the hatch chile stuffed portobella mushrooms?

  • PF

    This is a marketing whirlwind.
    I didn’t care for the chips, and thought I’d choke on the dry CM cornbread. Are hatch really that different from other similar chili’s – my unsophisticated pallet can’t tell.

  • Tightwads….

    PF Spot on about the dry hatch cornbread.

  • zero

    CM’s hatch chile apple cobbler is rather tasty warmed up with a little ice cream to top it off.

  • Junie

    Disagree those chips with queso are amazing. Chuys does great hatch chili stuff too

  • D

    Central Market, Chuy’s, Blue Goose, Blue Mesa… everywhere I go it is all about the hatch chili.