Eat This Now: Dude Sweet Chocolate

Chocolate apricot mole ice cream push pop. Yes, I know there’s a break in the temperatures, from the blazing 100s to the refreshing 90s. (That’s sarcasm — it’s still hot outside.) But no matter what the thermometer reads, it’s always the right weather for ice cream, and I’m digging Dude Sweet Chocolate’s gourmet push pops. It’s become a Bishop Arts Saturday ritual for me and my brood: burgers at Hunky’s followed by ice cream at Dude Sweet. Last week’s chocolate apricot mole creation was the perfect blend: sweet fruit, rich chocolate, and just a hint of spice. Frosty, creamy magic. This weekend? Who knows what owner Katherine Clapner will be serving up. But I’ll be first in line. After a burger and tater tots of course.


  • OMG who doesn’t like a push pop? Takes me back to 5th grade and recess days…

  • Suzanne G

    OMG. Yummy. Have to have one of those.