CuriousDish: Dallas Needs Food Carts and a Food Cart Finder

Food Carts - But Not in Dallas

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is test driving a “Food Cart Finder” feature to enable people to find local food carts and trucks on the move using their twitter feed. Alas, it’s only in Portland for now.

Here’s the Bing announcement and the Food Cart Finder.  Try it  and let your inner jealousy boil.  Start with all 250 locations and filter down to a specific neighborhood and cuisine.

Hey City of Dallas and Dallas County officials, pay attention to this.  Happy Eaters = Happy Voters.  And new revenue sources.

Dishers, what do you think?  Do you want 250 carts and food trucks in Dallas and a fancy food finder that gives you up to the minute information on what is available and where?


  • CB

    I just need a normal food finder. Is there a website that shows you the restaurants on a map? Opentable does this, but it only has some of the restaurants.

  • sausage on a stick

    The city of Dallas will totally F**K up any kind of innovative on the food fornt. The City’s focus is purely on the revenue stream as opposed to suuporting anything that has a potential to bring the city together. There is a reason the City has to be reactive (think the Downtown Farmer’s Market and the neighborhood “code vilations”), rather than proactive.
    I can only hope it get’s better before they build a parking lot downtown to handle the “City approved” food carts.

  • sausage on a stick

    Whoops typing with gloves on again! Read innovation, front and violations!

  • Ride to eat

    Don’t need 250, but may a dozen or so would be nice. Come on Dallas try being on the leading edge and not 10 years behind. And this issue would hardly be considered cutting edge any more. It’s now a reality show for heavens sake.

  • Actual Native Texan

    Food trucks/carts are just so NOT Dallas. I can’t see either city officials or citizens supporting these in any way. Why would your typical 350 pound, SUV drivin’ Dallasite leave the comfort of their vehicle (and have to lower the lift gate for the scooter to boot) to buy from a street cart vendor when McDonalds/Starbucks/KFC is so easy to driver through?

  • Jo Bennett

    Dallas and Ft.Worth for that matter are not set up for any kind of “community”offerings..its too disengaged,,it would be great if there would be something done to make the city more cohesive and fun and together:…this will NOT work in this city