Chef Christopher Short no Longer Cooks at Artin’s Grill

Remember chef Christopher Short from Bella? Or theHotel Crescent Court? Or the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek’s private dining program? He was the execuchef at Artin’s but according to our waiter last night, Chef Short “left about a month ago with some investors to look at space north of here.” The north he was referring to was in the Shops of Legacy.


  • The burger at Artin’s is great. My wife’s office moved to Legacy so we eat there a lot!

  • TLS

    So who is cooking at Artin’s? Any chance this new chef will liven up the menu? The restaurant is so pretty and the service is good but the menu is snoozy. I have no real reason to go there over anywhere else (and yes, I’ve had the burger. It’s good but it’s a burger!)

  • Betsy

    We’ve been to Artins and like it, but the menu could use some spiffing up. As is, it basically feels like a knock off of Jaspers where you don’t have to wait as long for a table. Food is good, but they could step it up and really make a it a great place.