2010 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Comments are open. Operators are ready for week number two.

Update: Five Sixty, Fearing’s, Lonesome Dove.


  • Betsy

    We went to 560 on Friday night (7:45 reservation, I’m guessing it paid off to call on reservation day). We started off with their seasonal mojito and their specialty negroni. Both were very good and were wonderful to enjoy as we watched the sunset and took in the fantastic view.

    We had the spare ribs and duck buns as our appetizer. Both were good, but I’d highly recommend the ribs. We decided to treat ourselves to the scallop sashimi since we’d had it on previous visits. We simply ordered that, yet the waiter brought us the larger serving that is normally reserved for doing several kinds of sashimi and was priced accordingly. This was one of our few disappointments in an otherwise wonderful evening. It made us feel as if he was trying to get over on us and treat us as if we were only going to be spending $70 and walking out.

    Despite forgetting our 4th course certificates at home, we did order the CM 4th course, which was a hot and sour dumpling soup. I enjoyed the dumpling part, but my date preferred the hot and sour soup, which seemed a bit more like egg drop, but was still wonderful. Main courses were the lamb chops and the salmon. The waiter said the chef recommended them medium rare, I said that would be perfect, but when they came out they looked more medium well. Made me wonder if they hadn’t been sitting on the counter for quite some time. While the lamb was fine, it was not standout as I had heard it would be. The salmon was also good, but, having dined at 560 before, I had higher expectations.

    Dessert was a wonderful experience, with the peach tart and the cheesecake. Both were fantastic and a great way to end the evening.

    We love Restaurant Week(s) and have 2 more reservations coming up. It’s a fantastic time to enjoy special occassion restaurants to celebrate the every days.

  • Steve

    Went to Fearings last night. My wife had the taco soup and ribs. The ribs were good, not great. I had the salad and Salmon. Salad was good, not great. The Salmon was overcooked – at least medium and probably medium-well. The cobbler dessert was ok, but the brownie was fantastic. Service was outstanding, although they were clearly trying to get us in and out as quickly as possible. Overall, we were glad we paid restaurant-week prices because we would have been very disappointed to pay their normal prices for food that was not at all exceptional. This was our first visit so I’m not sure how the restaurant week menu compares to the normal menu.

  • Gipson

    Sixty miles is a hell of a long way to drive for dinner, so I’m elated to report that Tim Love’s Lonesome Dove at the Fort Worth Stockyards has made it a trip I’d like to take again and again. This past Saturday, Chef Love’s flagship restaurant impressed my wife and me almost without exception.

    First off, it’s a cool looking place. Smaller than I expected, but dark and cozy. The cowboy hat-donning kitchen team added a sense of fun without going overboard into the sea of Texified cheese. We decided to augment the RW menu with an appetizer sampler. Unusual at high-end joints, Lonesome Dove allows you to mix and match appetizers. You order two-piece portions of as many appetizers as you like, all priced out fairly. It’s a great way to try out what seems to us to be the menu’s most enticing offerings.

    We sampled the kangaroo tenderloin nacho and the elk sausage slider – our first tastes of either protein. The kangaroo was surprisingly sweet, and not the least bit chewy, though I must say it was the generous mound of rich, chunky avocado salsa that stole the dish. On the other hand, the elk stood front and center in the sliders, a soft and lusciously meaty flavor counterpointed by the blueberry jam. I could eat a plate of these.

    Not long after we cleaned the sampler plate came the first Restaurant Week course, an earthy summer squash soup for her, a buttery wedge salad for me. The soup was a hit. Squash soups have a tendency to taste like pumpkin pie, always tarted up with autumn spices. Not so this soup, which maintained the vegetal punch of the squash. A star of crème fraiche added a tangy snap. The wedge salad (also on the regular menu) was the only disappointment of the night. The wedge of butter lettuce was wonderfully fresh, but the red chili buttermilk ranch dressing was thin and thinly flavored. It slid across the tongue like 2% milk.

    I can only report on one entrée, because we ordered the same thing. Garlic-stuffed tenderloin with plaid hash just sounded too good to pass up. When chefs look to save money during the perilous Restaurant Week slog, I’d expect lesser-quality beef to be a popular option. Whether that’s right or wrong, it’s definitely not what they’re doing at Lonesome Dove. The tenderloin was exquisitely tender, but not squishy, and cooked to a beautiful medium-rare. A generous portion, too. The plaid hash was a pile of fried potato matchsticks topped with caramelized onions in (maybe) red wine. Not sure what all was in there, but it was delicious.

    We also added a side of truffled mushrooms. I remain a staunch defender of truffle in all its forms – fresh, infused in oil, and even faked by chemicals to appear fused in oil. I like them all, and these mushrooms were rich, beefy, and swathed in that evocative truffle essence. Didn’t see any actual truffle, so I’m guessing it’s the oil for you truffle oil-phobes out there.

    Finally dessert. Butterscotch pudding with sea salted caramel and fresh cream. It sounded good, but the surprise of piping hot caramel drew it close to the true dessert zenith. The portion was small, but the flavor was gob-smackingly delicious.

    Our server was not at pains to be friendly, but he was very efficient. And if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick efficient every time. I guzzled those diet cokes, and even in a very busy section he managed to keep them full. (Free refills, too! So rare at high-end joints).

    Lonesome Dove Western Bistro scores another Restaurant Week homerun. A well worthwhile drive, even from East Allen. The only thing the wife and I have to do now is scrounge the money together to return and order the famous tomahawk chop.

  • JLT42

    I too made the trek to Lonesome Dove on Saturday night and can honestly say it was one of the best meals I’ve had upon living in Dallas for 2 years. I went to two other restaurants for RW last week, which were both wonderful, but the portions were very small. I understand that it’s difficult for chefs to put together a $35 3-course meal…however, the RW menu at Lonesome Dove had wonderful portion sizes and delicious items to choose from.

    We started with the rabbit-rattlesnake sausage (not on the RW menu) because we heard it was a must, and it was amazing. We both got the wedge salad as our first course, which was great – bacon was flavorful, lettuce had a perfect crunch and it even had jalapenos on it! I love a little kick. I do wish the dressing was a little thicker. We both had the garlic-stuffed tenderloin, medium rare, for our entrees, which was outstanding! The size was perfect, the tenderloin was flavorful and I loved the touch of garlic. The meal was completed with a shot glass of a butterscotch pudding. It was the perfect sized dessert and the perfect ending to an amazing meal.

    I looked over the normal menu and wanted to try everything! The meal was worth a 45-minute drive, and we will definitely be back.

  • MLR

    We also ate at Lonesome Dove this weekend and had an amazing meal! The only downside is that our waiter was a little misleading when it came to appetizers/first course. He said this “For restaurant week we are doing a sampler platter for appetizers. Most people are choosing 3-4 items from the regular first course menu and we will set up the plate where each of you get a taste of the items and we will price it accordingly.” Okay, great! He suggested a couple of “favorites” and there were four of us so we each picked one. When they came out they were no doubt a “sampler” as each item was about a bite, for example a single kangaroo nacho per person, except for us each getting a whole elk sausage slider. They were delicious! We had the rest of our meal and then time for the check……it was $120 worth of appetizers!!! WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!? We didn’t expect them to be cheap by any means but it was only slightly cheaper than ordering 4 “first courses” each. Oh well, they were good!
    But if that wasn’t shocker enough, we were putting credit cards in the book to pay the bill when the waiter walks up and says “I’m sorry guys, I brought you the wrong check.” We all thought thank goodness, that just didn’t seem correct. Open the new bill…IT IS almost $50 more! Yeah, he apparently forgot to add our second round of drinks! Great food, but you just couldn’t help but laugh!

  • Great to see so many folks enjoying Lonesome Dove and Fort Worth restaurants for RW. (And the Lena Pope Home thanks you.)

  • Gipson

    I don’t get out there too often (again, sixty miles!), but every time I’ve had a nice meal Fort Worth it has been a real pleasure. Reata near the Bass Hall also stands out.

    And now, with Casey Thompson’s new Brownstown opening to serious buzz, I’m sure we’ll be out there again soon.