• LC

    My husband and I went to Nobu last night. I was excited to go, but had heard mixed reviews about the service during RW. We ended up having a wonderful experience (sans me spilling miso soup all over our table and my dress … which was promptly and discreetly cleaned up by our server). Our server, Luis, was awesome. When he greeted us he asked if we had ever been to Nobu before. We told him we hadn’t and he proceeded to make several recommendations that were their specialities or customer favorites. I asked him what he would recommend for vegetarian options and he gave went through the menu with me and gave me several different options. I ended up straying from the RW menu and ordered a cup of miso soup, the vegetable roll and the tofu sizzling dome … which was served with shitake mushrooms and asparagus. Luis informed me that the miso soup was normally prepared with fish broth and asked if I would like him to switch it to vegetable broth. Bonus points. Then, he also asked me if I’d like the tofu dome switched prepared with olive oil instead of butter. More bonus points. Love Luis. My whole meal was excellent. My husband ordered of the RW menu and had the the broiled alaskan black cod, which he raved about. Although, he pretty much likes anything:). All in all, we had a great experience, from the food to the service to the atmosphere. I’ll definitely go back to Nobu. Thanks, Luis!

  • My experience at the Mansion was very different from yesterday’s post by Sharon. I loved it. I had the watermelon salad and Hub had the zucchini soup. Both were delightful, but the zucchini soup was the big winner. We both loved it. He had the veal that Sharon compared to pot roast. Well, it is braised meat. But, not like any pot roast my mother ever made. It was very good, though not quite as good as my crawfish stuff chicken. It sounds a little weird but the flavor was lovely. I had the peach dessert and he had the chocolate. Very satisfied with the whole meal. The wine pairings were excellent. The service was excellent, as usual. In the bar after dinner I had a Cucumber Spike cocktail. Really good and light. Perfect on a hot evening. The Mansion is just perfect!

  • Grumpy Gus

    I love ****ake mushrooms!

  • Masaharu

    i like my shitakes with cocktail sauce

  • Disappointed

    I was extremely disappointed with my service at Ocean Prime. I went with several friends excited to try the restaurant for the first time. However, we watched as tables around us received course after course and visits from their server which we did not. Our server at one point told us that she went to ask the kitchen why it was taking so long for our meal to be served, and that she in fact had forgotten to put our order in. She did not apologize. She did not offer to bring us anything while we waited. We assumed that this was alright, and our order would be put priority on the list. We were wrong. We waited another 30 minutes for our food to come. We arrived at 6:45 for our 7:00 pm reservations, ordered by 7:15 and did not have our entrees until 8:30 pm. Additionally, once we were served our dinners, our waitress never came back to check on us. Some members of our party ordered steak, and were not offered cracked pepper. The food tasted nice, but the service was so poor. Onto our dessert course, one of our party’s sorbet had a hair in it. Fortunately we found another server who took it back to the kitchen. After the meal, when one of our party went to talk to the manager, and told him of this poor treatment throughout our meal, including the fact the server never put in our order, he apologized but did not even ask for her name or what table we were at. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in a restaurant that I heard such good things about. All the members of my party go out to nice dinners very frequently, and could have been repeat customers, but none of us will be returning again.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Since when is cracked pepper an assumed offering for steak?

  • LWilson

    We visited Sambuca 360 on Monday night (for a birthday dinner, no less), and left feeling that the service was exactly what we had expected. Knowing that this place is more of a dance club/bar than fine restaurant, we weren’t that surprised when the place was practically empty as we arrived for our 7:30 reservations. We were surprised, however, at how inattentaive, ill-informed, and slow our waiter was.
    Granted, it did seem like the poor guy was the only waiter on duty (yet they had 2 hostesses), running all across the restaurant and tending to every table in the joint. When we requested the RW menus, he replied with, “Are you signed up for those?” Not knowing exactly what he meant, we replied that yes, we’d made reservations specifically for RW. He redeemed himself a little when we asked for drink recommendations, but trashtalked half the food menu, including the dishes we ordered!
    Fortunately, the food was delicious (tortilla soup/gorgonzola salad to start, country fried ribeye/margarita shrimp for main, and cheesecake sopapillas for dessert), but it was well after 9:30 by the time we were finally able to wrangle our check and leave. Mind you, the restaurant was still pretty empty…
    The kicker: the waiter said we were the first couple to even order the RW menu, so the computers weren’t equipped to deal with it–he had to manually input discounts until the total equalled the prix fix price.
    My expectations were not high for Sambuca 360, and sadly I was not surprised.

  • Gipson

    I was surprised when I saw Sambuca 360 participating in RW. While it’s more expensive than what I’d consider a casual choice, it’s the kind of place you could easily put together a 3-courser on your own for less than $35. Not sure it makes a difference, but I always stay away from those places for RW. Glad to hear the food was a success, though.

    I’m looking forward to my first RW dinner of the season tonight. Hoping for a good report tomorrow.

  • Justin

    Just enjoyed an incredible dining experience tonight at Nobu. Went in to take advantage of the restaurant week pricing, and was blown away by the food, atmosphere, and service. Couldn’t have asked for a better time. No ****ake mushrooms tonight, maybe next time.