2010 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Comments are open. Operators are sweating, but standing by.

UPDATE: St. Martin’s Wine Bar, Fearing’s, Stephan Pyles.


  • St. Martin’s Wine Bistro on Greenville Ave
    offering RW with wine pairing and live piano through Sept 6th. Please for information about wines and Menu go to
    John Sarvarian

  • NTXMom

    Fearings was really disappointing. The service was good, but they were clearly annoyed with the RW crowd. First course was fine, but the second course was really bad. I had a braised short rib that was dry and fatty at the same time. I’ve had better food at a wedding reception. The desert was uninspired and average. If restaurants don’t want to bring their A game to restaurant week, just don’t participate.

    PS – despite the disappointment, we tipped very well. It’s not the waiters fault they have to deal with serving sub par food to Dallas’ equivalent of the “bridge and tunnel” crowd.

  • Gipson

    No doubt Fearing’s is a popular RW choice, but so are many places. I wonder what it is about Fearing’s that inspires so many comments. I think we’ve had at least one on every thread.

  • Jen

    I dined at Fearing’s last Thursday and was also disappointed. The reason is that the food I received was something that I could have prepared at home. Quality was good, but there was nothing interesting about it. Both Fearing’s and Stephen Pyles serve southwestern cuisine, but having had two wonderful experiences at Stephen Pyles for RW, I found Fearing’s options quite boring. The experience has made me uninterested in trying the normal menu and I felt guilty for having my in-laws travel from East Texas for the dinner.

  • W

    We went to Stephan Pyles last night, service was great. Nice wine pairings. Had a very tasty corn soup to start things off. The 2nd optional Central market course, though, was not good. Cilantro crusted cod with caramelized onion sauce – thought it sounded great but the fish had no seasoning, wasn’t seared (crusted usually
    implies some sort of nice textural contrast, but the crust was just some bland mushy cilantro pesto-like thing sitting on top of the fish. The sauce was weak both in flavor and texture and did nothing to help the dish. Wish i hadn’t ponied up the extra 9 bucks. Entree – sous vide beef coulotte – never heard of the cut before but the server said it was from the top round. Decently
    flavorful and tender, but the best thing on the plate was the tempura mushrooms – their tempura batter is fantastic. Desserts – chocolate
    tamales were good, very rich, ice cream was almost tasteless. Banana peanut butter mousse cake was good but couldn’t hold a candle to the Heaven & Hell cake that I had for RW in a previous year. Overall good experience, we’ll go back to sit at the bar for a drink and whatever the kitchen will tempura for us!