• joeat

    A perfect addition to the “dead location” blog you recently had.

  • Jane

    Oh Dear- I hope Dale Francis Wamstad is okay.

  • sausage on a stick

    Maybe Dallasites struggled to find the “Uptown” location. Silly me, as a Dallas native, I thought the location was in Oak Lawn, not some manufactured 2000ish, trendy bar/apartment area created by a bunch of developers.

  • brian9

    yeah, to be technical, it’s in Oak Lawn. The northern Uptown border is the Katy Trail.

  • I think the Fort Worth location is still doing really well…they are currently building a new bldg and it’s always packed. I think there’s way too much competition in Dallas…esp for a high-dollar steakhouse.

  • s

    hmmm i’d better walk around the corner and see if Dallas Chop House is still open in downtown…knock knock, hello, is Tesar home?

  • John M

    It was a long time coming, I was picking up a to go order with a friend a few months ago and it was beyond dead, completely staffed, the two of us at the bar and maybe two customers. This apparently was far from an uncommon occurrence.

    Food was good though.