Mico Rodriguez Back in Business: Pinky Chan China Town?

I’m sitting here working away and Tim Rogers says to me, “Hey, Wick had lunch with Mico [Rodriguez] last week and said he was opening a new restaurant.” I asked Tim if he had any details. He said no and then proceeded to say, “It’s Pinky something and it is going to open in West Village.”

A cursory Google search turned up a link to Foodie Couture blog where Uno Immanivong, a self-described food groupie, writes about her involvement with Mico’s new venture, Pinky Chan – China Town. Check out the nut graph:

His newest creation is about an Asian concubine, Pinky, who moves from Shanghai to Paris in the 1950’s to follow her true love only to find out that he’s married with a family.  Heart broken in the “City of Love” and alone, she’s determined to make it despite her adversity.  Pinky was an entertainer, cook and seamstress in China.  Her only option was to reinvent herself in Paris. She worked at a sidewalk café as a sous chef by day, jazz lounge by night, and making her own couture apparel any spare moment she had… saving every penny to open her own place.  Her dream finally came true in 1958 with the opening of “Pinky Chan – China Town”. Pinky became a celebrity in her own right… she earned the respect of the Parisians through her day to day interactions and desire to inspire others with food, wine, and fine clothing.

I heard several months ago that Mico was looking at the vacant Tom Tom space in West Village. You can check for updates.