Friday Fun: What’s the Weirdest “Food” You’ve Eaten?

Warthog does not taste like chicken.

Those wacky Brits are going nuts over squirrel meat! Yuck, you say? Have you ever eaten squirrel?

I’m no Tony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern, but I have had my fair share of quirky meals. Once, on safari in Zimbabwe, I made nachos with the meat of a warthog and I’ve eaten most of the big game in Africa such as lion, giraffe, zebra, etc. Lately, I’m hearing a lot about insects as a new source of protein in the US market. Makes sense—I killed about 750,000 grasshoppers on my drive to East Texas last night. I might as well have harvested them and made chili or something (birds like them live). Bugs are great on salads. And you, how far will you go? Would you eat a crow? I want to know. And I don’t feel like working!


  • luniz

    Brain (veal) mousse maybe? Looking forward to trying Silkie chicken in a few weeks.

  • iroguy

    Does Nutria gumbo count?

  • actually nutria gumbo sounds good to me right now. I have several, plus a couple of beavers, on my property eating my sweetgum trees. Nice flavor of sweetgum. good one.

  • George Lewis

    Long time ago …. business dinner in Tokyo … young local guys wanted to man up against the Texan. They ordered. Fish eyeballs, raw squid, sake and beer to wash it down, followed by green tea ice cream.

  • immature

    he he. Nancy said she ate a beaver.

  • DGirl

    As in love with food as I am, I don’t eat weird stuff like rodents, insects, ant eggs, anything that’s alive or sandwiches from gas stations.

  • m

    Cuy in Peru. It’s guinea pig, and it’s a delicacy there. Or so they would have the tourists believe.

  • JI

    My top three (that I can remember right now):
    1) Horse sashimi (raw) while in Kumamoto, Japan.
    2) Giant, blue scorpions at 48 Nights.
    3) Pickled tuna “guts” (various internal organs) at a sake bar in Tokyo, Japan.

    …I’ll try anything once (food-wise), so it’s not like any of this is all that “weird” to me.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Fried fish fins in Jakarta…kinda tasted like potato chips.

  • Sal

    @Nancy –
    Do you have any pics or video of you eating beaver? Sounds like an interesting pictorial for the October or November issue.

  • Jane

    Good ole Rocky Mountain Oysters. They did not taste like chicken. They tasted like fear.

  • baboon buttocks over a fire … not good – raw whole sea slug ( sea cucumber) on a bet – instant regurgitation…

  • Dressage Barbie

    Sawagani – crunchy and salty and that’s about it

  • Foodie Love

    Garlic fried Crickets and Crispy Meal Worms in Mexico City. They were pretty tasty in little tacos.