Update: Dali Wine Bar is Closed

According to a post on Dallasfood.org, Dali Wine Bar in One Arts Plaza has closed. I tried the restaurant’s phone and owner Paul Pinnell’s cell and got no answer. I called David McMillan, chef and general manager at Screen Door across the patio. He was crazy busy but said through the hostess that Dali is “temporarily closed.” Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: From owner Paul Pinnell

“After a grand and successful two year plus run in the Arts District, Dali has elected to close its door July 1st. The concept was everything and more than I hoped for–and has both the structure and magic to roll out in other cities.  Strong support from theater district venues, devoted patrons, enthusing oenophiles and One Arts Plaza was most rewarding.  As for now, plans are for a well earned short reprieve…then it’s back to work in Dallas’ vibrant restaurant scene with plans of future innovation.”, states Paul Pinnell.

“Maintaining a Four-Star rating by The Dallas Morning News, Dali also got the #1 pick of favorite Dallas restaurants in 2009 by Texas Monthly, swept all “Best of Awards” upon opening in 2008 and was featured with critical acclaim in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure publications–highlighted by a James Beard appearance in New York City last year. ”

(I regret that I will be out of town with family and not available for further comments. Thank you.)

Official release from One Arts Plaza below.ONE ARTS PLAZA ANNOUNCES THE CLOSING OF DALI WINE BAR &
(DALLAS, Texas) July 2, 2010 – One Arts Plaza today announced that Dali Wine Bar & Cellar,
a pioneer restaurant at One Arts Plaza, has decided to close its doors after two years of
operation at 1722 Routh Street.
“Dali was a well received concept and certainly a loss for both One Arts Plaza—and the Arts
District.  Due to the credit of veteran restaurateur Paul Pinnell, Dali received both local and
national attention for its unique wine selections, attentive service and acclaimed cuisine,” said
Lucy Billingsley, Partner, Billingsley Company, developer of One Arts Plaza.
Added Billingsley, “No plans are being announced at this time to occupy the Dali space, nor do
we have any further information.  Dali’s successful two year run helped set the high standard
for One Arts Plaza—and for Arts District dining—and will be truly missed.”
Despite a successful two-year run, the Dali owners decided to close the restaurant for personal
“Opening an Arts District venue was a successful dream come true, and made possible with
the cooperation of One Arts Plaza.  Accomplished goals now allow me to move forward to new
and exciting challenges. I would be remiss as not to recognize both old and new Arts District
venues as truly the ‘jewels of Downtown Dallas’ that provided energy for Dali and other One
Arts Plaza restaurants.  In addition, it’s important to acknowledge devoted Dali
well as the staff that proudly maintained a four-star level of service,” said owner Paul


  • rubbercow

    I have to say that I went there for the first time last week and was sorely disappointed. The hostess was a wonderful woman; very nice and made me feel welcome right away. The service was the worst I have ever received anywhere (and I mean anywhere). I don’t like to bash people and I know that running a restaurant is very hard work and being a server is a very difficult job, but I was really dumbfounded by how bad it was. I hope they can get it worked out.

  • wino steve

    i’ve been after a few performances at Wyly and Winspear and really enjoyed myself. i encountered fantastic service each time, including some free small plates, wine recs and amiability w/ a large group.

    the charcuterie plate is/was fantastic for $15 or whatever. the wines were good and it was open decently late after a show. i sure hope they re-open.

  • Stu

    There was some construction outside their door earlier this week. The sidewalk was torn out.

  • PF

    Perhaps 7-11 wants to expand the flagship store –

  • Stu

    The retail space above Dali opened up a couple weeks ago. If Dali ever wanted to expand, now would be the time. It could add 2nd floor seating.
    Monday and Tuesday this week, all of the concrete in front of the door was ripped out. It was back this morning.

  • Garden Fresh

    I heard SMOKE was recently closed for the day by the health department, something about the refrigeration, even CLEARED the dining room, anyone know the details???

  • luniz

    It would be a shame if they had to close, I found it a rather pleasant place to get a drink.

  • CJ

    If One Arts wants the other restaurants there to survive, they won’t fill that space with another restaurant. Too much competition in an isolated location.

  • SDM

    “After a grand and successful two year plus run in the Arts District, Dali has elected to close its door July 1st. The concept was everything and more than I hoped for–and has both the structure and magic to roll out in other cities. Strong support from theater district venues, devoted patrons, enthusing oenophiles and One Arts Plaza was most rewarding.”

    — it was so successful that we decided to close. look for us to make temporary stints in other cities only to close them not because we failed but because we wanted to.

    spare me

  • luniz

    do Screen Door, Fedora, and Jorge’s or whatever it is really draw people to One Arts? If you could get a place that drew people who wouldn’t otherwise come, couldn’t it benefit all of them?

  • CJ

    Nothing is drawing people to One Arts. People either eat there because it’s where they work or because its convenient pre or post theater. Adding another restaurant isn’t going to make the pie any bigger.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    The rheumatism is that they were behind on their rent, which an unidentified solar flare identified as $9,000/month. That’s a lot of wine.

    Next shoe to drop is, who’s next? Tei-An has at least twice the square footage. How many yards of noodles a month add up to $18,000?

  • carla

    I am sad. i really loved that place.

  • s

    this place kicked Samar’s butt…the only thing i wish they would of had on the tables was either some table cloths or different tables, because one thing i cant stand is sliding sliverware… and at SDM agreed.

  • WG: I would seriously doubt those numbers.

  • James

    There was also a strong rumor of management issues … too many chiefs syndrome, too much emphasis on the unimportant and bad allocation of people resources.

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  • Nancy, I concur.

  • D’oh! I agree with Nancy! (I’m going back underground… Sheesh)

  • MR. Ced

    I wouldn’t doubt it Worzel is correct with his Rent Figure. The general public may not know this, but the margins on wine sales by the bottle aren’t exactly large. By the glass is of course better, but nothing like say jewelry or furniture. Dali would have to sell a TON of wine to come up with a rent number like that. Crush closed it’s doors about 6 months ago…..he probably didn’t have low rent either..The Centennial in Highland Park Village is tiny. There’s a reason for that.

  • Adriana Bate

    One of my favorite places in Dallas and a must-visit when in town. I’ll miss Dali and wish the very best of luck to gracious host Paul Pinnell.

  • Larry Mendolia

    Paul Pinnell is a terrific person, and an excellent restaurateur. He opened Dali earlier than most thought he should have, to help owners of One Arts Plaza spur on their development. He did that, I understand, with the realization that construction around the Arts District would hamper Dali’s early revenues, but also with assurances from the property’s ownership that they would finance that slowness in revenues until the Arts District construction was finished. Its a shame that Dali closed shortly after most of the construction is finished. I can only assume that financial underpinning support was withdrawn for some reason. But, I know Paul will resurface somewhere better than ever — he certainly will have our support.

  • Anonymous


    The reasons that Paul Pinnell gave in his press release for Dali closing are completely false. The truth of the matter is that he wasn’t paying rent or taxes. He was scamming his investors, the owner of One Arts, and the government. After closing the restaurant, he emptied it’s bank account with a check to himself, paying himself with the money his waitstaff earned. THIS MAN IS A SCAM ARTIST AND A THIEF. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH PAUL PINNELL!!!!!!