CuriousDish: Guilty TV Snacks!

Big Balls.

Tonight is Thursday night and almost time for one of the most mind-numbing single hours of television experience.  Families used to gather around the TV for Bonanza.  Now we snuggle up for Wipeout.  Admit it.  You love it or you know someone who loves it.

So help out a snack-challenged family.  I’m tired of microwaved popcorn stinking up the house. Give me snack ideas for guilty TV pleasures that don’t require Kent Rathbun skills.

And PS: Don’t you really, really want to try, just once, your shot at the Big Balls?  Come on, tell me.


  • iroguy

    Stir fried garlic chili anchovies from Super H Mart. It’s great kinda like popcorn with a snap.

  • TLS

    Goat Cheese spread on cracked black pepper crackers. Red wine.

  • joes.

    This show makes laugh till I cry. With that said- Pretzels with mustard, pimento cheese and chicken strips, Popsicles for the wipe-out end zone. tra la la frickin la.