Chef Tom Fleming Back in Business in Dallas?

Amy Severson reports chef Tom Fleming is opening a breakfast and lunch spot on Walnut Hill Lane. You remember Tom, he’s been at Lombardi Mare, Pappas Bros., Old Hickory Steak House @ The Gaylord, Central 214, and The Riviera. This guy can cook. Will chef Fleming quit his day job as executive corporate chef with Preferred Restaurant Management Group and try to do both? Just curious as to why he’s not doing dinner. Tom, I know you are out there, call with details please. Welcome back.


  • Bobby Ewing

    Hooray! And Nancy, it appears dinner is in the works. From Amy’s blog:
    “…and an early dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to start.”

  • NN, I was told he wasn’t with PRS anymore and was about to do his own thing but no details of concept, when, where. Agreed the dining scene is better with him behind a stove.

  • Taylor B

    I know that his brother has a breakfast/lunch place in San Antonio that prints money…so maybe he’s trying to follow that plan????