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What Does Paula Lambert Do On Saturdays?

By Nancy Nichols |

It’s almost the weekend, right. We’re all gearing up to sleep late and watch soccer and maybe take our dads out. You’d think a successful cheese entrepreneur like Paula “Mozzarella Company” Lambert would be sitting back on her curds and whey and counting  money. But nooooooooooooo. Here’s her schedule:

1. Drop by the Celebration Farmers Market on Lover’s Lane 8am-12 noon. It is a great little neighborhood market … they have produce, baked goods, and lots more. (And I will be there selling our cheeses!)

2. Drop by Veritas Wine Bar on Henderson from 5:30-8:30. It is a great little neighborhood wine bar … Brooks Anderson, the owner, will be pouring 4 wines and I will be serving 5 cheeses. The cost is just $12. What a great way to begin a Saturday evening!

You just have to admire this woman’s tenacity. If Paula played hockey she would be Mark Recchi.