Tesars Modern Steak and Seafood in The Woodlands is Closed

A couple of weeks ago we noted the change: Tesar’s Modern Steaks and Seafood took the apostrophe out of Tesars and became Tesars Modern Steaks and Seafood. Why? Because chef John Tesar left the restaurant and came back to Dallas where he is currently the culinary director of DRG (Go Fish, Dallas Chop House). Today Tesar, the human, has his name back. Tesars, the restaurant, has closed. The soon-to-come apostrophe is still a mystery.


  • Worzel Gummidge

    I heard that the apostrophe had gone on a long vacation to Nicaragua.

  • Marley Wyback

    Wasn’t DRG supposed to announce a hot new John Tesar concept in April? What’s the hold up? Is he frying fish while Tiffany Derry goes off to make herself more of a celebrity chef than he is?

  • Burgerette

    Love John Tesar. Dallas should be happy to have him back!!

  • Wig

    @Burgerette – we’re not. And this post isn’t really about him anyway, it’s about the apostropheless restaurant.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    This is funny.

  • the meal i had at the mansion when it was his kitchen was one of the best meals i’ve ever eaten in my life. how can his coming back to dallas not be good for our city’s food scene?

  • s

    i’ve seen nothing impressive about DCH or DFM at all lately, and i’ve been to both since downtown is my turf…as with others, I am still waiting on that announcement as well…

  • s

    Here is the latest DRG announcement:

    Chef Tiffany Derry of Go Fish Ocean Club is gonna be on the new season of TOP CHEF. We are having a watching party every wed. starting next week.. with the season premier. Come hang out…25%off every Wed starting June 16th

  • Susan

    I hear he is about to open a hamburger restaurant on Main Street. I had lunch at the Chop House two days ago and he was working with Chef Kenny Mills on something ?

  • kitchen slave

    Wit we are glad to have him back and so is DRG. Tesar is going open several restaurants in the next 18 months going to help the economy and give jobs to serious cooks like myself. Without the politics of the Mansion and with the support of an entrepreneur like Mike Hogue we can’t wait to see what he can accomplish. My friends and I can’t wait to work with him again and if you love food you should be glad too, because this guy can really cook and thats what really matters right.

  • alex

    TV is not going to make Tiffany a better Chef or more renown than Tesar. Look what it did for Tre and Casey.
    Hope Tiffany can focus and not let being on TV go to her head before she really learns how to cook. Did you read the review of Go Fish this week in the DMN ? maybe 3 but not too good.

  • betty

    Tired of the haters, TESAR ROCKS eat his food and stop blogging so much.

  • REal Chef

    Top Chef who cares? Is this season 30? Where have all the top chefs gone? It seems like it ruins their careers turns them into needy wanna bees and they windup spending most of there time promoting the show and never cook again or they become side show performers at food festivals.If she is a top chef why are you offering 25% off ?

  • foodie lover

    Dallas needs a chef like Tesar period. What he did at the Mansion was as good as any restaurant in the country.My family and I ate at the French Laundry and Per Se and we all thought the Chefs room was as good if not better!

  • Pastry Lady

    So glad this is finally over.I told you the partners where dirt bags and that the two cooks where cooks not chefs. I think I am going to buy the sign and give it back to it’s rightful owner.

  • wimpie

    French Laundry forget that the guy makes the most righteous burgers I have ever had. Hope he opens a burger restaurant I will eat there everyday

  • Me

    John Tesar could quite possibly be the most polarizing chef that has ever stepped foot in Dallas. It’s amazing how many comments that rack up when his name is mentioned…apostrophe or not. While the chef’s room at the mansion was great and might have been one of the best meals to be had in this state of ours, comparing it to the quality and experience of food nirvana at a place the calibre of the French Laundry is going a little overboard. In regards to “Where have the top chefs gone?” Michael Voltaggio for example is putting out some amazing and innovative food at The Dining Room at the Langham.

  • foodie lover

    Me, just giving you my families opinion,your right the Chefs Room and the the Laundry are not the same in the big picture but plate for plate. it was better by my experience. The chefs room did 40 covers the nights I dined and the Laundry does 250 every night. However I have heard many people make the same comparison even while dining and after we dined there

  • foodie lover

    Oh one more thing the Chefs Room had 2 cooks and someone doing canape,(took a tour) the Laundry has a staff of 20 just in the kitchen

  • sous chef

    Did you guys watch Top Chef Masters tonight? Which Dallas chef was the keeper of RM seafood for 3 years who gave Rick Moonen much help to be Rick Tesar. Which Dallas Chef was with Marcus S in DC last week Tesar. Hate my chef love my chef,but he is a great person an excellent teacher and an amazing chef who still cooks. Watch what we do in the next few months

  • jamie

    Who cares!! John Tesar——so what.

  • Burgerette

    Tesar is awesome and the reason Go fish got a good review.

  • Bill

    Tiffany is a real nice lady and certainly has her head on straight.

  • Mimi

    Jamie a lot of people care he is a great guy and a great chef, Dallas needs more of chefs like him. can’t wait for him to open a restaurant. Who are you? Never mind who cares

  • Tre :}

    Top Chef who cares, look what it did to Casey!

  • Manny

    There are a FEW really good Chefs in Dallas I can count them on half a hand and Tesar has to be one of the best of them, so what is all the BS about? Live with it.