Remembering Dallas Restaurants: How Far Back do You Go?

When I was a little kid in Dallas, my grandfather always took me out to eat at cool places. One place I remember fondly is La Tunisia. The interior was exotic—low tables, wicker chairs, African fabric on the walls, and the waitresses wore I-Dream-of-Jeannie pants and veils over their faces. This may sound run of the mill now, but in the early 60s (?), it was over the top. There was also Ports O’Call and The Chaparral Club atop what is now the Sheraton Hotel.  Anybody else old enough to remember The Golden Pheasant? Little Bit O Sweden? Lucas B&B? The Torch, Town & Country?  The Beefeater?


  • kr

    Remember when Arthurs was located on McKinney Ave where West Village is now. Specifically it was located across from Brooks Brothers where the Polo Shop is now. After they moved to Campbell Centre Rafaels moved into the space. That group also had a great Italian place in Two Turtle Creek Village. It was the Vaccaro family.

  • JR

    Chateaubriand, how bout the ‘Gallery’ @ Love Field, advertised the ‘million dollar floorshow’ meaning you could watch the takeoffs & landings @ Love Field BEFORE DFW opened..gourmet dining indeed…also the ’21 Club’ @ what was then 21 Turtle Creek, also Jay’s Seafood with the hot rolls & onion popovers..& by the way the Golden Pheasant salad dressing is still available via the family

  • I moved here in 1983, but remember a late-night Chinese place (on Shady Grove?) just off Northwest Highway called Fang-Ti’s. It was open until 4 am.

  • tx2step

    I remember the original Dixie House on McKinney and Crackers Restaurant. Crackers was fine dining on my starving student budget, and I still remember my favorite dish there, Chicken Stanley. One night, I sat at a table next to Jane Horowitz, the entertainment critic from Channel 8. She was on her way to review something that night in Fort Worth.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Favorite memory about La Tunisa was the taller-than-tall doorman in his marvelous attire.
    Anyone remember Jaimie’s with the bowls of beans and gigantic burgers on Lemmon? Or what about Sally B’s in HP Village?

  • Lee

    The Blue Front and the Ritz Delicatessan downtown, Beef and Bun on Lovers Lane (sawdust on the floor), Country Club Pharmacy in Inwood Village with a soda fountain, Orange Julius on Mockingbird near Ownby Stadium, Charco’s at Abrams and Mockingbird, and Taxco on McKinney at Harwood for starters.

  • Marcel’s on Lovers Lane which is now probably the only Mexican restaurant in America with a wine-cellar dining room. Pilar’s La Buena Onda on Oak Lawn, roughly where Aurora is now. (Pilar was/is restranteuer Javier’s sister.) Dunston’s on Lovers Lane which is now . . . never mind.

  • Joe

    We used to love going to Southern Kitchen on NW Highway. And I can barely remember this but Mom reminds me of The Bounty, a seafood restaurant on the Circle (Harry Hines and Spur 482).

    Found a picture of The Bounty on the web:[email protected]/2939470224/

  • Emily

    I loved to eat at the Magic Pan at Northpark. I always ordered the same thing, ham and apple crepes (one of each). I loved to watch them make the crepes.

    And the Zodiac Room during the days of the Fortnights at Neiman’s. (I realize the Zodiac Room is still there, but the fortnights are long gone).

  • DB

    How about The Randy Tar on Greenville Ave.
    The best steaks and prime rib in dallas in those days!!!!

  • OneArtDirector

    I remember going to Dalt’s as a kid after church. Always missed that place…they had the best tortilla soup in town.

  • There was a place called Godfather’s on Skillman or Abrams. Italian, of course. Not at all affiliated with the pizza chain, as far as I can remember. Wonderful Chicken Tetrazzini!

  • John

    Uncle Tai’s in the Galleria!

  • Not THAT long ago but I sure miss Toscana.

  • gm

    I used to get drunk on Shirley Temples and sugar cubes that the bartenders at Arthur’s would give me. So many good memories (campbell ctr.). Chateaubriand was a family fave.

    Dishers help me: what was the tropical/latin/something restaurant at Skillman and Live Oak? Can’t remember the food but loved the decor.

  • CJ

    Also not THAT long ago–Olympic Pizza on Greenville. And Amy S., I miss Fang-Ti’s to this day.

  • Lee

    Youngbloods in Preston Center, about where Starbucks, etal are now. Wonderful fried chicken with ladies that came around with big metal boxes hanging from straps around their necks serving hot rolls.

  • TRM

    We used to love Goldfingers. Anyone remember the mexican restaurant in Old Town back in the 80s? I almost miss the Vickery on Greenville for breakfast.

  • TRM

    And Wall’s deli at Preston Royal.

  • Scagnetti

    The Rib and Roscoe White’s Easy Way Barbecue, both at Lovers Lane and the Tollway.

  • JEC

    Zuider Zee

  • Lee, oh that Youngblood’s I still dream about it and the Pancake Corral just down the block. JPJ-ditto on the Watsui guy out in front of La Tunisa. Johm right on about Uncle Tai’s! Anybody remember the name of the Italian spot where Shinsei is now???? Ashburn’s ice cream in Preston Forest??

  • Sandra

    Lobello’s in Preston Center
    Ceret in West End
    The hamburger place in P. Forest – Joe BLXYCQ (something like that)
    Calluaud’s – our fave
    Beefeaters for great steaks

  • yvonne

    @kr… the restaurant in two turtle creek village was Mario’s and my favorite memory is with Tom Hughes and Rita Moreno.. she was coming in to work at the Venetian Room and Tom was talking to her about doing DSM… she was hysterical and caused a near riot that night… getting on the table singing… what a lovely person she was and she loved the restaurant so much and always wanted to go there..

    I remember all those Nancy that you posted.. yikes.. old old.. but still here..

  • Shanna

    When I was a little girl if we were good we went to Farrell’s for big burgers and bigger ice cream in Valley View Mall. We ordered from a telephone on the wall in the booths. Also little girls favorite was Tree House. Wasn’t it supposedly owned by ficticious Betty Crocker. It was next to the Galleria west of toll way.

    Southern Kitchen’s cinnamon rolls.

  • PF

    16 years in Dallas. First meal at The Wine Cellar (don’t remember exact name) on Oak Lawn (is it the Al Biernets location?)- second at Cafe Society on Travis. Got a picnic basket with delicious treats at Marty’s for the symphony concert downtown outside – it was miserable hot weather (welcome to Texas). Enjoyed Scented Geranium on McKinney – and Cafe Brazil on Abrahms (Greenville just isn’t the same)…and Kobawu (?) a little Korean place on Inwood @ Cedar Springs – nice owners…

  • Droopydave

    I moved to Dallas in 1976 at age six and I vaguely remember eating at a Shoney’s Big Boy I think on Mockingbird east of Central. I could be wrong… that was so long ago.

  • Kris

    @PF — you’re thinking of The Wine Press, one of my very favorite old places. Miss that!

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    The oldest entry yet, Jardee’s Italian in the 50s on Haskell where City Place shopping center now stands. Jay’s Marine Grill (they later moved to Mockingbird across from Love Field) on Hall @ Oak Lawn where the ‘fresh roll girl’ passing frequently, tongs in hand. (Diangonal from the afore mentioned Little Bit of Sweden’s original location at the southeast corner Hall-Oak Lawn where you went downstairs. (It later moved to Inwood).

  • My future husband gave me a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings at Jenevein’s (sp?)on Oak Grove. When I first moved to Dallas I could see Fang Ti’s from my balcony. Spent quite a lot of time there. What about the Oyster House downtown? That was a real oldie when I first discovered it. Guadalajara’s. Spent many nights after the clubs there. A late night place for sure. And I always wanted to go to Southern Kitchen. But, I missed it. I could go on and on…

  • There was a Big Boy at NW Hwy, just down from Preston Village where everyone, including myself, lived at one time or another.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Droopydave, the restaurant at Mockingbird & Central was Howard Johnson’s (Wed. night all you can eat clams). The original Big Boy as at the northwest corner Inwood-Lemmon.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    PS: ‘Big Boy’ was called ‘KIP’S’ Big Boy then.

  • TRM, are you talking about Mariano’s at Old Town. Didn’t they used to have a happy hour that was 3 for 1? I remember not having enough room at our table for all the glasses at last call.

  • whoknew

    Lancers – for prom and key club- (they put your name on the matches!)

    La Cave- especially bastille day

    Second the Guadalajara’s mention…and the original 8.0’s – when it was really small on the east side of the quadangle.

  • Gastronome

    How far back? Well, Fred’s bar-b-que, Little Gus, Gus’ bar-b-que, the China Clipper on McKinney, the lunch room at the mezzanine level of Tiche’s down town (can’t remember the name but do remember getting to pick a surprise from the treasure chest at the front of the room if you were good during your meal), some place in the cellar down the block from Neiman’s that had the best meat loaf I’ve ever eaten, Lucas B&B, the original Sipango club, sure there are more, but the first memory of eating out was at the original Love Field terminal (off Lemmon) – the popcorn machine with the light bulb in the top that kept it all warm – watching planes take off and land with my mom, before we ever had a TV.

  • Van

    Oz, 70’s fine dining and disco…LBJ near the tollway.
    The Railhead, steakhouse in railroad cars.

    Not that long ago, but I miss Anzu at La Duni’s spot and the Tex-Mex place where the Feed Bag is located at Lemmon and McKinney. They had great salsa and Guiso.

  • Jordan D

    94th Aero Squadron at Love Field
    Elan on Greenville (brunch, and my first chocolate mousse)
    Southern Kitchen
    The original location for Bugati on Walnut Hill
    No 1 Peal Street Oyster Bar
    Free quesadillas at Caliente on Greenville
    Judge Beans on Greenville, next to the Filling Station
    Their was also a chinese place on upper greenville where we could drink (zombis I believe) underage. Next to Cercone’s tailors

  • Van=Oz and Jean LaFont and Francois Chandou and Darryl Beeson! Cafe Society where Teresa Gubbins made excellent triple-berry pie! La Cave where I worked! Especially Bastille Day! The Rib was fabulous! Woolworth’s downtown on Ervay had a great lunch counter.

  • Sunny

    Shinsei was La Tosca, if memory serves me. One of the owners of Oz now owns Gordo’s in Preston Center (which, btw, has also been open in Dallas since ’52 in several different locations–started across from Ownby Stadium) They still serve up DELICIOUS food!

  • bluebird

    That fabulous Italian restaurant that was in the old Barneys New York at NorthPark Center … had arugula salad … and very good pizzas … can’t remember the name.

  • Wow! I remember so many of these. Jamie’s on Inwood had a dozen different “stuffed” burgers, with ingredients grilled inside the meat. My wife and I met working at Kip’s, and she worked for a while at Zuider Zee. For BBQ, we would go to Bob White’s on Gaston near Garland Road. Working downtown, I would eat at Gus’ on Harwood, Saddle ‘n’ Spur in the Hilton, El Taxco or Casa Blanca (on Tuesdays when El Taxco was closed a couple of blocks away), and occasionally a short bus ride to Guadalajara’s, then on Live Oak, I think. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about these long-gone places.

  • Jordan D

    Also forgot The Enclave, Strictly Tabu, Maxwell’s at LBJ and Preston, Papillon, Ewalds, and Il Sorrento.

  • VTL

    qm, I think the place at Skillman & Live Oak was Montezuma’s-ate the best fresh lobster I have ever had in Dallas there. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Jean-Claudes.

  • jg

    Anybody remmember the Galvan’s mexican restaurant on denton dr cut-off,great tex-mex

  • JonnyDallas

    I specifically remember playing with the little jukeboxes at Bob Whites. The one at the East Grand/Garland/Gaston intersection.

    And Southern Maid Donuts at Casa Linda.

    And of course El Fenix at Casa Linda.

  • Taylor B

    Casita Dominguez over off NW Hwy and Greenville in that area where 1/2 priced books is now was the 1st restaurant I ever went to…also, Farfallo, 3 Vikings, Jean Claude’s, the Brasserie & Pyramid Room in the Good ol’ days of the Fairmount

  • Gastronome

    How about the infamous Picadilly on Commerce or the original Casa Dominguez across the street from Orand Buick (down the block from the wacky JFK museum)?

  • Taylor B

    almost forgot about Mr Pepe’s..first time I ever had Raclette and thought it was the COOOLEST thing ever!

  • Jed

    My parents took us to Kips in Richardson, Dalts in Addison, Jameils in Dallas religiously.

    Remember the kids burger place where you ordered by phone at the table. It think it was called “Next Door?”

  • what happened to free CUBA?

    A lil bit outta the way, but Ponchartrain was a great percurser to Nate’s seafood, as Regas was to houstons

  • niceguytx

    Kip’s, Dalt’s and Next Door all have me thinking about my 70’s and 80’s childhood. But can’t believe no one has mentioned Il Sorrento…

  • DesignBoy

    I took my prom date to Il Sorrento.

  • pjcasa a kid visiting from Tyler in the 50’s – Lucas B & B,& Jay’s across from Love Field – as a 20-something, Jamie’s at Northpark, Strictly Tabu, original Ojeda’s, Keller’s, Bob White’s and later I worked at the gallery next door to Jean-Claude in the 70’s – so got to smell the wonderful food everyday! still love Keller’s and Ojeda’s as a newly minted 60 year old this week!

  • pjcasa

    .. gosh, forgot one of my favorites, El Taxco – you can still get a “fix” at Casa Navarro – yummy good!

  • TRM

    Before it became part of Brinker, On the Border in its OLD Knox location was a great scene.

  • joeat

    What a great way to reminisce these great oldies. Also, Safari (Preston Royal or Forest), Baby Routh, Ratcliffes, Agnew’s, DaPiccolo (Adelmo’s today), Ciao, !Caramba! (the best Alberto Lombardi’s ever), Ewald’s (on Lovers before moving to the Stoneleigh), Roscoe White’s Corral (MBL)

  • whoknew

    Woolworths at Northpark- back in the day all we could afford was the cherry coke and fries. The original Fridays at Old town- especially on UT/OU weekend. Up your alley, Old Church and of course, Puffs.

  • Bill

    Bobby McGee’s in Hillside. Central China at Mockingbird and Northwest. Brennan’s downtown.

  • mkm

    How about:
    Spanish Village on Cedar Springs, Pastrys in Preston Forest, Cattleman’s downtown, Mr. Chicken and Greenville and Park, Ianni’s on Greenville and Belmont and who can forget Phil’s Delicatessen?! @Saundra—the hamburger place in Preston Forest was either Hamburger Hut or Hamburger Haven.

  • mkm

    …one more…Dobbs House! There was one at Preston Royal and then they had the location at Love Field.

  • tx2step

    I forgot about Ferrell’s Ice Cream at Valley View

  • tx2step

    I remember a place called I think Victoria Station–at Park Lane & Greenville–seems like they had train cars out front.

  • Susan

    WHAT!! No one remembers the Italian Inn Restaurant downtown across from the Sheraton Hotel. Lots of atmosphere had booths with doors on them. Best date place in Dallas. AND great lasagna!!! This would have been in the 60’s.

  • Shanna

    Magic Pan at North Park and Prestonwood had these little puffed cheese balls that were amazing. I have the recipe somewhere

  • Baby Doe’s? Nah, that one was just scary. What was that little seafood place called on Bachman Lake? You had to go upstairs and it had a view of the lake.

  • Junie

    Oh what blasts from the past!! Zider Zee! Old Warsaw when it was great!

  • Hubbard says “Vehon’s Half Shell and Roscoe White’s, Bob White’s brother, a 24 hour place at Lover’s and the tollroad. Colombo’s Pizza on Mockingbird. Mike’s Italian next to the Wilshire Theater.”

  • Hub’s last addition, “Tolbert’s and the original Kirby’s.”

  • Fang-Ti’s! They served the HP kids with our Titan Village fake ID’s. Also loved Los Vaqueros and S&S Tearoom when they were in the HP Village.

  • Animal Style

    How about a place in Richardson on Coit called Next Door? You phoned in your order from your booth. And Dalt’s was great! I also miss The Magic Pan.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Does anyone remember the original Highland Park Cafeteria when it opened onto Knox Street?

    Also, was I the only one who remembered the Sailmaker at the southwest corner of Old Town?

    I still have my membership card to Oz. It’s right next to my Cue Cat on top of my last edition of The Dallas Times Herald.

    Question: I swear I thought Elan was where Office Depot is now. Somebody else claims it was farther north on Greenville. Anybody remember where it was?

  • sausage on a stick

    Oh aging memory! What was the name of the Spanish restaurant that was great on Abrams, where Dallas Affaires (?) is now. It moved from there to Turtle Creek Village and disappeared.
    Was it White Swan Cafe or something? Loved it anyhow.

  • JP-I remember HPC on Knox. Elan was where Office Depot is now. What was that place in Medallion Shopping Center something like Meet Me at the Bijoux. Sailmaker, oh that’s good. What was the Argentine place on Cedar Springs where iL Mulino was?? Bagatelle over by Greenville. I think Vincent’s Seafood is the oldest restaurant in Dallas. Brockles, or something like that??

  • BOB

    In the mid 70’s when I was in high school in Plano we went to “The Old San Fracisco Steak House” for our Jr/Sr Prom. It was grand, and the gal swinging back and forth ’til she kicked the old cow bell on each end of the swing. Great memories.

  • TxEx

    Jay’s Marine Grill on Mockingbird, great seafood and hot fresh popovers!! Freezo on Maple, I was just a tot, but they had ice cream, chili dogs, etc.

  • Gastronome

    8.0., Nostromo, Rocco, Tango and Mexico (OK, and the Rio Room).

  • KR

    There was also Shanghei Jimmy downtown who was known for his chili. He would put chili and buttered rice in a styrofoam cup add some celery and paprika, add some more rice and chili and it would become a layered dish in a big cup. He would add some oyster crackers and it would be great.

  • Gastronome

    Paris Vendome, Citizen

  • Bambi

    When I was kid my parents would bring us to Gennero’s. I think that was it anyways. Live music. Salsa dancing. Great Food!!! It was where Live Oak and Skillman has since created an island of ever changing venues. Thought that I heard later that it was Monica’s, who was still very much Edquardo at that pre-sex change time.

  • Too Old

    The Rib-Lovers/Tollway (all you can eat BBQ) Many NFL teams would eat there. The Shed NW Highway/Bachman Lake(all you can eat steak). Zuider Zee was replaced by Spanish Galleon. Kings Burger-Lemmon/Oak Lawn: place your order inside by phone-later became original Ojedas. Crystals on Lemmom-years later became Top Cat. Shakeys Pizza around town-could see them make your pizza thru the glass. Banno Brothers at lowest Greenville-best seafood at that time. Still go to Char-Bar Melios brother on Greenville. Old Church-good burgers + chef salad. There is still a Fred’s BBQ on Irving Blvd. Princes burger-RIP. Peanut Man downtown-fresh roasted peanuts. Hot Dog Inc downtown-best coney dogs/root beer. Good Luck burger/Ross Ave-filmed RoboCop there. Galligaskins Subs/Dallas area. Minnie Pearl Fried Chicken/Lemmon – Henderson’s Fried Chicken/Thomas Uptown. Adairs on Cedar Springs was better. Geoff’s burger on Irving Blvd is still there. Casa Blanca on Harry Hines was bought by Cuquitas and moved to Henderson. Broasted Chicken at Melody Ln/Park Ln. Original Simon David/Inwood Rd. My day: go to Il Sorrento near NorthPark – go to Magic Pan/NorthPark for crepe – dance it off at Sump N’ Else with Ron Chapman – afterwards head to Lou Ann’s Greenville/Lovers to dance more, afterwards hit a few balls at Hardy’s golf range and talk to Lee Trevino who worked there.

  • Twinwillow

    In addition to all the above, I also remember Vesuvio on Lovers Lane just west of Inwood for Italian food.

    Does anyone remember the name of the Italian restaurant that was on the (west) service road of 75 between Forest and Northaven near the old Goff’s.

  • Twinwillow

    @tx2step: I remember Victoria Station being at the corner of Cedar Springs and Routh Street (early 70’s). Great beef ribs!

    I also remember Kitty Hawk (very early 70’s) on Greenville just south of Lovers. The original “theme” restaurant by Larry Lavine who later started Chili’s.

  • Carla

    Griff’s Burger Bar, on Irving Blvd down the street for Fred’s BBQ. Still a great place for an inexpensive burger. And how about Hardee’s.

  • Beda

    Droopy Dave, there was a Kip’s Big Boy at Greenville and Mockingbird.

    I remember when Pietro’s first location was where the Grape is now.
    I remember the Sailmaker. Miss Toscana.
    So many memories! Still in mourning for Gennie’s Bishop Grill – best CFS.

  • Twinwillow

    Gastronome mentioned China Clipper on McKinney. Boy, that really was a long time ago. I lived only a few blocks away on McKinney in 1963 and I remember going there for their delicious but greasy Chinese food.

    How about the original Pig Stand at the eastern edge of Medallion Shopping Center. That was from the 60’s, too.

    The Kip’s Big Boy on the corner of Lemmon and Inwood.

    Cattlemen’s in Preston Center East. I had my first “prairie oysters” there.

  • joeat

    Bambi, Eduardo was a waiter at Genaro’s Tropical and was very much quite the playboy. He later was at Nero’s and then opened a Mexican restaurant on Oak Lawn where Cyclone Anaya is today.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Weren’t there three Kip’s? Mockingbird @ Greenville, Northwest Hwy. @ Hillcrest and NorthPark.

    What was the name of the restaurant in Medallion with the opera-singing waiters? Did I dream that one up?

    How about the original Tolbert’s in DT Dallas and the original Steak and Ale with its introduction of the sneezeguard?

  • joeat

    There was a Kip’s Big Boy at Lemmon and Inwood where the Volvo dealership is. I can’t think of the name (Caruso’s??) with the singing waiters but no dream. The original Tolbert’s was at Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs where Luby’s was and Walgreen’s is. You could look across the street at the Melrose swimming pool.

  • PF

    Forgot about some of the upscale places -Yellow on McKinney (whoops, it’s gone), Paris Bistro (the entire kitchen staff walked out) Star Canyon before the stars went out, and the tragedy when when HP Cafeteria was replaced by Aqua Knox.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    @joeat: Great info on the Lemmon and Inwood Kips and Caruo’s.
    But I thought the very, very original Tolbert’s was in a storefront in downtown Dallas back in the mid-70’s with Frank actually in the kitchen.

  • lross

    Dan’s Lakewood Cafe – at the wee hours of the morning; Three Vikings – both on Greenville and then the second location in the Knox area; La Dolce Vita in Lakewood; Nero’s on lowest Greenville, Prospect Bar and Grill

  • Sandra

    Twinwillow – the Italian restaurant @ 75 near Northaven was Sammy’s. First apartment in Dallas was on Park Central Place, backed up to Sammy’s, so we went often. How about Alberto Lombardi’s first spot in the big house on McKinney – the best (then it burned down). His Les Rendezvous on McKinney @ Hall (where Frankie’s is now) was great – front man was no other than Adelmo. Many of Alberto’s “guys” went on to become retauranteurs: Luciano Cola (Trattoria Lombardi, later Toscana) and of course, Adelmo. How about the great restaurant in Willow Creek shopping center near The Market? They had a female blind pianist, but the name escapes me….

  • joeat

    @Jeanne Prejean, you may well be right about the first Tolbert’s. I well remember Cedar Springs and then, many years later, the first floor of an office building at Pacific and St. Paul.

  • Gastronome

    @Twinwillow: Somehow I remember a treasure chest by the check out stand at the China Clipper (like the one at Tiche’s down town). In fact, I may still have one of the all Chinese news papers I got there, but can’t open it because I haven’t gotten my fingers out of the Chinese hand cuffs yet (they make eating noodles with chop sticks a very messy affair).

  • Fruit Fly

    Pretty sure there was a Kips on Forest Lane.

  • Fruit Fly

    There was a Tolberts in the West End during its hayday.

  • tx2step

    Remember the Kip’s at NORTHPARK?

  • Sandra

    Also at Northpark: Orange Julius, Johnny Rockets and a good seafood place whose name I can’t remember on the west side, across from where the Shoe Box used to be (behind what is now Banana Republic). Anybody remember the name? Loved Magic Pan across from Lord & Taylor. And all the Thirsty’s!

  • joeat

    @Sandra, was it L&N ? They were seafood at NorthPark but my recolection is they were not whre you said unless they moved. As I recall, they were north of the fountain (Dillard’s)and then west down a hallway facing the outside but with a mall entrance.

  • laurie

    The Chips at Lovers and the Tollway was an IHOP. As a young girl, parents took me to Ewalds and Iannis for special events. I ordered Shirley Temples and felt so grown up. At the original, original Chilis on Greenville at Meadow, you could get two burgers and fries for $5. Kips at Northpark–Yes! Daltz for fried ice cream. Farrels at Valley View for huge ice cream floats, Old San Fran steak house with the lady on the swing for prom dinners. Bagelsteins on Spring Valley. Wall’s on Preston with the case of marzipan cookies and vats of pickles. People’s Restaurant with the “food bar” in Addison. The Stringbean in Richardson (may still be there.) The Egyptian when it was the one and only Campisis before they expanded, and you had to wait outside on line forever. They used light bulbs high on a wall to tell the server when an order was ready. There was one Texmex place that had a cafeteria-style line. When you wanted more sopapillas, you raised the flag on your table. Now, I’m hungry.

  • Prejean’s Friend

    Voltaire…JT McCord’s…Chu’s…The Russian Room…and then there was a short-lived steak place hidden on Keller Springs in Addison.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Did anyone mention San Simeon on McKinney where Larry North was the maitre d’? What about Banno Brothers on Lowest Greenville? Or, the very original, one-story Chili’s at Greenville and Meadow?
    Shoot! I’m showing my age and now I’m hungry.
    Nancy, why did you have to open this kettle of fish?

  • Jim Lee

    Gastronome: the place in the celler (on Main)down from Neiman’s was Town House Deli aka The Cave (during WW II had been the Pirate’s Cave). Run by the Sedaris brothers: Basil (took your money), George (worked the steam table)& Harry (ran the bar at street level), with their Mama always there. George’s apple pie was great, but that’s another story.

  • Jim Lee

    Trying to remember a restaurant name. A large room downtown across Commerce from the Golden Pheasant – at least from the late 40s; then they opened another restaurant (with a similar name) on street level in a mid-rise building across Commerce from the Mercantile and west of the Mercantile Continental Building; open in the early 60s.

  • Chaparral

    Do you guys remember the Chaparral Club atop Adams Mark Hotel (now Sheraton)? That was the absolute best!! I had my first date with my husband. Food was amazing on most visits until the last couple of times before it clsoed. The talented piano player/singer made for the most romantic spot in the city it seemed. Wish it was still there. I wonder what has come of that space.

  • jim

    does anyone remember the Italian village on oaklawn

  • Visualverbs

    Does anyone remember the Cactus Bar and Grill, circa 1986-86, at approximately Midpark and 75? We used to party there when we worked at Texas Instruments on Forest Lane.

  • Barry Howard

    The Russian Room,around 1990, above stairway the Deli in the crescent behind 2 way mirrors, 2 giant Russian “Drivers” in suits stood in front of the Deli to let in some, others not. Saw my first $500.00 plate of Caviar. Drank many kinds of Premium Vodka with the witty Matre’D (s.p.) who proudly stated, “Yes I have my Cowboy boots!” He always wore a Tux. Very few Texans there. Mostly Russian and other Eastern Europeans. One was encouraged to not create a scene. Miss it.

  • Elaine White Green Burgess

    I think it was called Orange Inn I do remember eating there and standing up to eat my hot dog..

  • Ubermensch

    Do you remember:

    Peppers Bar and Grill c. 1984 Two locations- Addison and Preston & Campbell

    Le Brussels (Belgian)

  • Mark

    Does anyone remember a place called Inky’s? This would have been early 80’s.

  • Nita

    I remember Bells Better Burger close to the corner of Ross and Lamar. Does anyone else? Open in the 70’s

  • Linda

    We need to talk about the Blue Front (under One Main Place) and Jimmy’s Chili Rice very nice. Circa 1978!

  • Leo Minor

    How about “The Railhead”, located at Greenville and what is now Park Ln. in old Vickery?

  • Goldie