Quick Lunch: Scardello’s Cheese Shop in Dallas

A nice lunch from Scardello in the D Magazine lunch room.

The other day I stopped by Scardello to pick up lunch. I bought a Stewart’s cheddar sandwich, a box of Dude, Sweet Chocolates, a jar of pickles from New York, and a Rogue Dead Guy ale from Oregon. The total was $61.00.

The box of 12 (small) pieces of assorted chocolates was $27.95. I can’t remember the brand of pickles but the large jar was maybe $10; the beer around $6.00. For $8.50, you get a salad with each sandwich. Mine was Veldhuizen cheddar cheese and curried green tomatoes melted on an excellent baguette from Empire Bakery. The accompanying salad was grown by Tom Spicer. The bread to cheese ratio was very French—more bread than cheese—but the overall eating experience was good. The two chocolates I tried– roasted beet and Texas olive oil and dried pear, basil, and rosemary salt (not pictured)– didn’t blow up my skirt. But mid-afternoon I popped a couple that knocked my socks off—the Oaxacan (guajillo, Spanish paprika, smoked cocoa nib) and the Marley (hemp seed, butter, and oil). I’d love to tell you about the ale, but somebody in the office swiped it from the refrigerator. Ditto for the remaining chocolates. A good lunch experience overall.