Preferimos Pesos? Not at Burguesa Burger

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I recently took a trip south of the border and ended up with some left-over pesos. On the trip home, friends nudged me to blow them in the duty free shop, but I neglected—citing the Burguesa Burger within walking distance of the office, and how they don’t just take pesos, they prefer them.

Today I tried my luck at the Burguesa downtown, in the tunnels under Renissance Tower. There was a guy handing out paper menus in English and Español that confirmed “Preferimos Pesos!”. I ordered, and asked if they accepted pesos. The cashier laughed, so I asked “how much in pesos?”. She shook her head no. I clarified, and pointed to the menu I had just been handed. She even asked the cashier next to her, and again, “no pesos”.

So what gives? Is this just marketing shtick? The burger was good, but I still have just as many pesos, and not as many dollars.

Our old friend and former D Editor, Jennifer Chininis—now at Sinelli Concepts, confirms Burguesa does take pesos.

Updated Update: Jeff “El Jeffe” Sinelli, Chief Burger Officer for Burguesa, Responds below.

Jeff “El Jeffe” Sinelli, Chief Burger Officer for Burguesa, Responds

Accepting pesos is part of our brand promise at Burguesa Burger. It’s on our apparel, our menu, and our website. We are sad to say that we failed on that promise. Stephen’s experience was, in fact, a training issue with a new cashier, and the situation has been rectified.

While no restaurant wants to disappoint a guest, we are grateful for comments like these, because they become opportunities for us. We use this type of guest feedback as a training tool to reinforce to our staff what we’re about. Pesos are part of the Hispanic culture, a culture that Burguesa honors and serves, so of course we’ll take ’em if you’ve got ’em (12 pesos to the dollar).

To stand behind our promise, during the month of August, Burguesa will double your pesos, so you can get two La Monumental combos—or whatever your pleasure—for the price of one. All of our guests will get twice their pesos’ worth at any of our Burguesa locations.

Thanks for giving us another shot, Stephen. Viva Burguesa!


  • aria

    I think Pizza Patron accepts pesos.

  • Stephen

    It says on the website “Burguesa Burger® is a borderless concept with the menu translated in both English and Spanish for easy ordering. Dollars, pesos – we take both. Bring your amigos.” Hopefully just a training issue.

  • Stephen: Hopefully just a training issue. But if there are 2 cashiers, and neither knew about this, the odds aren’t looking good.

  • Jennifer Chininis

    Stephen, that’s no bueno! If you are willing to indulge an old friend, then let’s rendezvous at Burguesa in Ren Tower and you can unload your pesos–for real this time. Yes, we DO accept pesos, and rest assured the issue will be remedied immediately. It’s 12 pesos to the dollar, so the La Monumental combo (of course that’s what you want, right?) will run you 96 pesos. So bring a C note if you’ve got it. Or just make me buy you lunch. Let me know when!

  • Kam

    Pesos or dollars, the food and concept is great.

  • LC

    Sinelli really shows his love of Hispanic culture when he spells his nickname, “El Jeffe,” with two fs. Same with Chininis’s pigeon Spanish. This was not a training issue with a specific cashier. It was a gringo’s marketing gimmick that the franchisees haven’t been prepared to be called on.

    Well, Jeff and Jennifer, let’s see if you’ll follow through on this commitment. We’re going to flash mob all locations of Burguesa sometime in the next six months. Hidden camera customers are going to be placing large orders. After the orders are made, the customers will only have pesos to pay with.

  • G. David


    Please, get a hobby of some sort. One other than wasting people’s time.

  • LC

    Bite me, “G. David.” Then go put some pesos in the till and prepare for the fun of tracking and accounting for sales in two currencies. Or don’t, and make your the videos of your chain the next viral hit.